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Zaporozhye Charitable Organization, Socialization and Rehabilitation Center for Children with Special Needs “The Planet of Happiness”

November 13, 2012, 17:00 2856 Author: The Planet of Happiness, translated by Anna Oliynyk www.deti.zp.ua The Center works with children who are not accepted by any state-funded facility. Its mission is to create a world where special children can find happiness

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“The Planet of Happiness” - Zaporozhye Charitable Organization, Socialization and Rehabilitation Center for Children with Special Needs has been created by parents who have children with special needs in their families. The Center offers the services of rehabilitation specialists, speech therapists, psychologists, and social workers who have been trained in the relevant fields and who provide qualified support to children. The Head of the Center is Angelica Vikhlayeva.

The Center has a rehabilitation program for children aged 0 to 18 years old. In future similar Centers for children with special needs may be organized in every city district. The Center will operate September through July with a holiday break.

Classes will be held five days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., taking into account the peculiar needs of the children. Format of work: pre-school and primary school groups.


1. Children should be able to live full life right now as well as be integrated into society. That is why it was decided to open day groups for children with special needs.

2. Children should develop when socializing with their peers, acquire skills of interaction in society, and learn how to support themselves. As a result, such children will open ways to cognition of the world and get an opportunity to live full and happy life.

3. Improving the quality of life for families with children having special needs: giving parents an opportunity to find employment and ways of self actualization. As a result, children and their family members will be able to feel that they are members of society and not its outcasts who were thrown overboard of life.

4. As a long-term perspective, the organization aims at making the children able to move on their own, help themselves and perform simple household duties, feeling confident and comfortable in society, being independent and adapted to social life.

5. Looking at the example of the organization, other families having children with special needs will realize that their problem has a solution.


Children who had terrible diagnoses and who were told by doctors to be inadequate and learning disabled, now cite poems, sing songs, engage in creative activities, socialize. Those who have not learned to talk yet use sign language and mimics very effectively. Children move around as they can – someone walks on foot, someone uses walking frames, and someone crawls on the knees using a chair as support. Looking at those who already walk, other children also try to stand on their feet; they have a motivation to live an active life. The main principle the Center uses is an individual approach to every child. Thus, an individual rehabilitation program is developed for every member of the Center.

Activities of the Center are aimed at developing the following skills and abilities of children:

Communicative skills:

developing self esteem, confidence in one’s abilities, desire to interact with others, enriching children’s vocabulary, building a dialogue, skills of communication, organizing events together with children, helping them to be independent.

Motor skills:

developing movement coordination, gross and fine motor skills.

Self-support skills:

teaching children to button and unbutton clothes, tie and untie shoelaces, put their clothes on and off, have meals, ensure their self hygiene, perform simple household duties, etc.

Sensor skills:

developing perception abilities and understanding of external characteristics of items: their shape, color, size, location in space, and developing the five sensor systems through which humans get to know the world they live in: senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

Social and emotional development:

forming emotional and personal world of a child, self-esteem, feelings, desires, views, social skills, abilities to interact with the world and with people around.

It is expected that the Center will have:

- pre-school groups (15 children in a group);

- school groups (10 children in a group) under supervision of an educator as the children have the right to get an education;

- consultations and support for parents;

- in future the Center will probably employ some of its students.


You can help by using convenient ways of donation (PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, Webmoney, etc.)


If you would like to attend the Center, please contact us:

+38 (066) 191 54 36 - Angelica

+38 (095) 704 01 47 - Marina

Web-site: http://www.planeta-schastya.org.ua

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