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Valeriy Ponomarenko, born in 1999 - acute hybrid leukemia

January 28, 2013, 16:40 5473 Author: Alina Senyuk, translated by Maria Romanko www.deti.zp.ua We have just told you about Valeriy…but this little brave boy could not wait any more. His heart stopped today at 14.00…Let’s keep his family in our prayers!

Valeriy Ponomarenko born on 9.11.1999

Diagnosis: Acute hybrid leukemia

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We have just told you about Valeriy…but this little brave boy could not wait any more. His heart stopped today at 14.00…Let’s keep his family in our prayers!

Many people in need of help turn to us and we try to provide help to everybody. The difficulties of the Ponomarenko family shouldn’t be left without a solution.

Valeriy before he got sick

Valeriy is a wonderful boy. He has always been sure he would follow his mom’s steps – to do swimming professionally and be the best in it. His mother Olga is a swimming coach. She is very sweet - she is the kind of person who would do everything possible in order to help the other person in need. This is unjust that now she herself is in the same situation.

Valeriy is her long-awaited child, she has always put him first, she has lived by his needs. And now her only son, whom she loves so much, is ill. The diagnosis is severe and rather rare: acute hybrid leukemia. Ukrainian doctors couldn’t help the boy, so he had to turn to the clinics abroad.

After doing some research on the appropriate clinic, the family has chosen the renowned “Haima Shiba” in Israel. And on December 20, 2012 Olga and Valeriy went there. In three days the first chemotherapy cycle began. Suddenly Valeriy’s intestines stopped working, he got terrible stomach pain and the doctors could do nothing but remove some of his intestinal tract.

This brought more worries, stress… The chemo was renewed after the surgery, and everything went according to plan. The treatment, examination and the chemotherapy cost the family 19 thousand dollars. These days Olga pays the bills with borrowed money. Nobody knows what else can happen to the boy and how his body will react to the treatment.

The terrible thing is that the bill for the treatment grows and now it constitutes 30 thousand dollars! Valeriy’s family, relatives and friends altogether cannot provide this money as it is many times bigger than their incomes! That’s why Olga, her mom and dad turn to us for help. They need to find this money as soon as possible to continue the treatment. The doctors say Valeriy might need a bone marrow transplantation, and it alone costs 240 thousand dollars. So 30 thousand is just the beginning…

Recently the Diocese of Zaporozhye of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church agreed to make a donation of 15 thousand hryvnyas. The money was transferred to the personal bank account of Valeriy’s mom. The information on the fundraising campaign can be found in various media and social networks: newspapers, charity funds etc. We use all available sources to raise money.

The boy is suffering from blood pressure change and staying under constant supervision of the doctors and his mom. Valeriy has terrible headaches and REALLY NEEDS OUR HELP. And in this case every dollar donated will bring him closer to recovery. Thank you that you care! God bless you!

The family lives in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

The fund-raising campaign is closed.

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