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March 17, 2029, 21:40 9722 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Izabella Balakirsky deti.zp.ua Do you want to find out how you can really help orphans find their new family? Then read this article, and take action!

Do you want to find out how you can really help orphans find their new family?

Then read this article carefully.

As we all know, people sympathize and want to help other people who need help after they come to know those people more closely. We help our friends and relatives because we know them well and love them, and we usually don't take news that hundreds of people perished because of a hurricane somewhere overseas as close to heart.

It is just the same with orphans. Although we know, that 28,000 orphans in Ukraine are still living in orphanages, that doesn't give us the chance to feel with a specific child. We don't see those children, and our motivation to help them is low as a result.

It is a totally different matter if we can see the photo, the story, and the video clip about a specific child. We come to know that child more, and therefore want to help him or her. For some people, this desire will take shape as specific actions--adoption or creating a foster family.

By the way, many orphaned children have already been adopted because their future parents happened to see their profiles posted on our website.

Our dream is to make it possible for our readers to look into the face of every child among the 680 orphans currently living in the orphanages of the Zaporizhzhia region. But to accomplish that, we greatly need your help.

Creating the profile for each child requires money, although not a very large amount. First of all, one must visit all orphanages and boarding schools that house orphaned children (there are about 20 such institutions in the Zaporizhzhia region). On average, the drive to each place is about 160 kilometers round trip, so one needs either the money for the gasoline, or a volunteer driver who will pay for his own gasoline. Second, one must pay for the work of a professional photographer and video editor, because we can broadcast our video clips on the local TV channels. Filming and editing one video clip costs 100-200 ghryvnyas (approximately 12-25 US dollars), on average. So that the creation and updating of the profiles would be continuous, the foundation's staff must constantly get in touch with orphanages, arrange for meetings, write the children's stories, post the information on the website, coordinate the work with the children's services agencies, with the mass media, remove the profiles of the children who have already been adopted, and so on.

On average, it costs 200-500 hryvnyas (approximately 25-60 US dollars) to create the profile for one child. Of course, the cost can be less at times, if we succeed in finding volunteer drivers, photographers, and video editors. But for this work to be done continuously, we need financial support.

That is why I am addressing all of our readers who want to help little orphans find their new families. You can personally pay for creating a profile for a specific child, thereby significantly raising that child's chances of getting adopted. Thanks to your support, thousands of those who visit our website, as well as the viewers of the area's local TV channels and the readers of the local newspapers will learn about every orphan. Trust me, this kind of help will be far more useful than the sweets people often bring or send to the orphans.

For further information please contact the volunteers of “The Happy Child” Foundation

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