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Can you believe it's been a year already since Kiril's life was turned upside down! Lets support this brave boy!

March 20, 2013, 11:20 3069 Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Daria Sukach deti.zp.ua A year has passed already for Kiril as he bravely fights for his life. However, he still has a long journey ahead before achieving a full recovery. This means more treatment courses and four stages of chemotherapy

When a family have to face up to a horrific and terrifying ordeal like this, finding the inner strength to carry on against all the odds can seem impossible. Few have the determination and resilience to bravely keep pressing on through these endless challenges. Kiril's parents are shining examples of such courage and patience.

It's been a year since Ruslan, Kiril's father left the hematology department barely able to hold back his tears following his son's nightmare diagnosis. Kiril's treatment however is not over.

With thanks to God, Kiril is currently free of injections, chemotherapy, strong drugs and hospital wards. This information fills us with hope. Kiril seems to feel stronger now and is finally beginning to understand the meaning of the word "life".

“Our son has had to face very tough moments. Fever and rash made him look like a “cucumber”. We were really concerned because Kiril’s new virus might be a sign of a progressing lymphoma. We checked Kiril’s lymph every day and thank goodness, it was not swollen! Today Kiril’s rash has almost vanished. He’s allowed to bath again. It seems like things are going to be all right! It’s already a year since Kiril was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma. Just a year ago our boy was running around, studying hard! May God help our beloved son!” – shares his news with us Kiril’s dad.

Kiril’s ultra-sound and cardiogram results are satisfactory.

A new stage of rehabilitation and further treatment will require the following medicine:

1. Fresubin (special nutrition) – one litre – 10 items.

2. Nappies 60*90 seni 2 packages (30 items in each).

3. Diapers Seni super (30 items in each package) – 2 packages.

4. Dressing (paper plaster 2.5 cm*9.1.mm. Micropore – 25 items, olasolum – 8 items, sudocream – 1 big, dressing tissues (5 items in each package) – 30 packages, hydrogen peroxide – 200 grams – 15 items.

5. Mydocalm

6. Somazine syrup

7. Coterxinum

8. Sirdalud

This three month course of treatment will cost Kiril’s parents approximately 6,000 hryvnyas (735 US dollars).

The fight for Kiril’s life goes on. There are four more chemo courses and dolphin therapy ahead.

“Our family is hoping you will kindly help us get out of this abyss. We have been climbing up so hard all of this time. We’re grateful to you for your help! Thank you very much for being with us. Help our son become healthy again, please”.

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