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Maria Rybalt, born in 1997– acute leukemia

May 17, 2013, 13:00 7566 Author: Alina Senjuk, translated by Anna Oliynyk www.deti.zp.ua Unfortunately, Maria’s battle for life is over…The girl died at the hospital. Many thanks to everyone who supported Maria!

Maria Rybalt, born on 31 July 1997

Diagnosis: Acute leukemia.

Treatment updates for Maria Rybalt

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Unfortunately, Maria’s battle for life is over…The girl died at the hospital. Many thanks to everyone who supported Maria!

On 31 July 1997, when Natalia heard the first scream of her baby in the maternity ward and the doctors told her “You’ve got a girl”, she felt she was the happiest woman in the world for the third time in her life. The little Maria was born healthy without any abnormalities. The joy of her first steps, the tears of her first failures, the feeling of pride when the girl was doing something better than others – 14 years flew by as one day. As the girl was growing up, she became very interested in sports, so she took part in various competitions, where she placed high.

But the fate played a low-down trick with the Rybalt family when Maria was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia… It ruined all plans of the girl. In the beginning of 2012 Maria changed her active lifestyle and the joy of her sports achievements to a hospital ward.

A year has passed, but Maria’s Mom still can’t recover after this shocking “news”. “It is still breaking my heart, but we are doing our best. We will save our girl if only God gives us a chance”, - that’s what the girl’s relatives say.

In the year of her treatment, Maria completed a full course of chemotherapy. She has been to an intensive care unit, lost her vision. Several times the girl was hanging between life and death. After the chemotherapy was over, she had two eye surgeries, which partly brought her vision back.

Last year Maria completed her 9th grade through distance learning. Now she dreams of going to her prom party with her classmates and then master the profession of a cook. But at the moment her state is critical as she’s got an early relapse. She needs bone marrow transplantation. Her sister will be a donor, but the family needs money to pay for her long-term recovery course after the surgery in OHMATDET Kyiv Children's Clinic, where Maria is getting her treatment now.

“This whole story is more than unexpected for us as Maria has always been a healthy and sporty girl. Even now she is full of hopes and optimism, but anyway she needs help and support not to find herself in the middle of indifference and helplessness”.

As Maria had a relapse, her bone marrow transplantation was delayed. To go on with the surgery, doctors wait for a remission. While she’s getting her intensive treatment, Maria needs at least 25 donors. She needs 7 donors a week and the entire treatment course will last for 3 weeks.

Required medications:

- Lasolvan (in ampoules);

- Urokinase (2 bottles)

Throughout all the period of Maria's treatment her family was trying to settle all the financial problems without external help. How they did it - that's a question as Maria is the fifth junior child in the family. She was not even born when her father got into a car accident and died. Her Mom had to move from Zaporozhye to her parents’ house in the urban-type village of Mikhaylovka to raise her five children. The farm is a great support to the entire family: fruit and vegetable gardens, chickens and rabbits. Maria’s Mom works as a post woman in the town, and her Grandma and Grandpa are pensioners. All the family's savings melted down very quickly: medications, donors, two surgeries...

This girl URGENTLY needs our help. She is fighting for her health and for her life. She’s got a chance for recovery! She just hasn’t got the money she needs to buy the required medications. The treatment requires at least 10,000 hryvnyas (that’s approximately 1,246 US dollars). Support this brave girl, please!

The family lives in the urban-type village of Mikhaylovka in the Zaporozhye region.

Telephone of Maria’s mother Natalia: +38 097 047 60 34.

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