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Danil Sirota, born in 2003 - Sarcoma of a left thigh

December 30, 2020, 12:21 10828 Author: Natalya Moroz deti.zp.ua Since 2013, thanks to the support of thousands of benefactors, we have the opportunity to help the family of Danil Sirota. Seven years of a long struggle for survival.

Danil Sirota

Danil Sirota, born in 13.04.2003

Diagnosis: Sarcoma of the left thigh.

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The family of Alexey and Oksana Sirota is the most common, there are thousands of them. The son is an excellent student, pleased his parents with success in school and brought home prizes from judo competitions. All together were looking forward to the birth of their second child. Six months after the appearance of the sister Mirochki, Danya began to complain of pain in his leg. X-rays showed a mass under the knee. The result of the examination was simply shocking - osteosarcoma of the left femur with metastases to the lungs.

Danil Sirota

Surgery to remove the tumor and metastases, long-term chemotherapy led to bone destruction and the need to use an endoprosthesis. The first, unfortunately, turned out to be unusable as the leg continued to grow and became longer. This led to the curvature of the spine. The second prosthesis did not take root for a long time, and in May 2018 an X-ray showed that the "growing" module in it had broken. Also, as a result of an infectious infection, a fistula formed, which over time turned into a hole through which the prosthesis was visible.

The Center for Corrective Surgery in Munich, where the boy's parents consulted in 2018, offered their own treatment plan that would stop the 24-hour pain of a smiling and very strong young man. It was supposed to remove the old prosthesis, install a Spencer (temporary prosthesis for the duration of the treatment of infectious inflammation), and later, after 3-6 months, carry out an operation to install a new reliable prosthesis. Munich doctors gave hope to correct the mistakes of the previous treatment and restore the diseased limb.

Danil Sirota

Thanks to two projects on the internet platform dobro.ua and support on the website "Happy Child" funds were raised that partially helped to pass three stages of treatment in a German clinic in the installation of a temporary growing implant module. Now the hip and knee are completely ready for the installation of the Bio XPAND permanent prosthesis. But not only a long-term illness takes place in a guy's life. Having been on crutches for three years now, Danya takes prizes in table tennis competitions, works out in the gym and, if possible, plays football. His dedication is our pride!

We met Danil when he was still a schoolboy, and now he is a first-year student at the institute, studying at the Department of Psychology. During the treatment, this science fascinated him, and we hope that new knowledge will help him in his future life. In the meantime, Dana still needs our support!

We ask you, friends, to support our hero at the final stage of treatment! The cost of the prosthesis and surgery is 42,000 euros. And it is necessary to transfer funds to the clinic in mid-January 2021. Otherwise, the temporary mechanisms that are now in the leg will fail and all treatment will be in vain.

The family lives in Zaporozhye.

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