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It's been one year

September 4, 2013, 14:00 2498 Author: offtoservehim.blogspot offtoservehim.blogspot.com It's been one year! One year ago today we met a little boy who is missing most of all four limbs. Today we celebrate a year with him!

It's been one year!

One year ago today we met a little boy who is missing most of all four limbs.

Today we celebrate a year with him!

Logan is doing GREAT!!!!

He is happy and loves life!

Daily we hear " HE IS AMAZING!" and he is.

His English is picking up - actually he has become quite the talker - sometimes he won't stop.

He has gained 20 pounds in the last year. His prosthetic legs only lasted three months because he grew so much.

Set number two of the legs are being built. They will have a new design and functioning knees.

Pasta is his favorite food - good thing as Papa is Italian.

Swimming is his favorite activity.

He will spend hours putting the cars in the "Bucky." Thanks to Mamma J we have several "buckies."

His favorite non pool toys currently are trains. He will sit and watch the train go round the track for a long time. He has a really nice train set now thank to Aunt Jettye and Uncle Marc. He also has lots of geotraks thanks to cousins Davis and Dacey.

He has a backpack to take to his siblings games with a small train track that he can assemble and play with the train.

School has started back. He likes school but is always eager to come home.

Only took four days for him to get in trouble at school this year. He slyly pushed Mrs. Meyers chair out from behind her as she went to sit down. She went tumbling - he thought it was funny until he realized he was going to lose swimming time because of it. He quickly started saying he was sorry and he won't do it again. He is smart!!!

His teacher is excited - she thinks he will learn to read this year!

We spend a lot of time at doctors and therapy appointment. Last Wednesday alone we had three different appointments. In the future he will have at least three different surgeries. At this point we are putting them off as they will greatly affect the way he can do things. We are hoping he can master the new legs first so we do not take away his independence. There is very little he can't do right now and we want it to stay that way for him.

He loves his siblings and they love him. It is really cool how he has different relationships with each of them.

Mason is the strong one who Logan loves to have throw him around.

Bransen is the sneaky one who teaches Logan how to tease and play his siblings.

Dawsyn and Laura are his helpers!

He has been swimming, been skiing, been to Disneyland in California, and been to Disney World in Florida. He has watched countless cross country meets, volleyball games, softball games, football games, and basketball games.

He is loved by all! It has been a great year!!

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