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October 23, 2013, 12:00 5197 Author: Roman Kirchenko, translated by Oxana Burns deti.zp.ua



One of the main indicators of being wealthy is readiness to share it. Many people believe that only the rich are supposed to do charity – as they have a lot of money and time, so it's up to them to help others. This is a huge mistake. In fact, it works exactly the opposite. It happens because well-to-do people control their wealth instead of being controlled by it. The ultimate authority over something is ability to let it go.

Volunteering implies providing assistance without requiring any payment of the work done, and anyone whose heart is mature enough can do it. Almost all of the foundation staff began their work in the charity as volunteers. And all of them were convinced that the more you give the more you get back. One gets something that money cannot buy: sincere gratitude, reciprocal disinterested aid, knowing that your life is filled with meaning and, perhaps, the most important thing is endless amount of strength for new achievements. And all this is not done just for effect (for the sake of a witty remark), you really feel you become stronger.

Helping others seems like a common and routine practice. Obviously, mutual aid brings more prosperity and wellbeing to all participants than work done one by one. Unfortunately, nowadays according to mass culture “grabbing the biggest piece of the pie” which implies isolation and individualism is getting much more popular. Man is increasingly becoming a slave of things and social networks forgetting about the surrounding real world as well as people close to him.

How to deal with it everyone decides for himself. For our part, we try to help all those in need and encourage you to do the same.

Change your life for the better! You can do it without buying expensive watches or cars. If you think about it, you already possess everything you really need or you will have it. Everything which just seems to be important (and is not) will disappear by itself. Change the lives of other people for the better and you will be surprised to find out how much your life will change.


First of all, we encourage people to render sincere mutual aid. You may not cooperate with us at all. Be the one to help some other people around you and it will be a wonderful and a correct thing to do.

But there are some advantages of working as volunteers and cooperate with charity foundations.

For instance:

1. "Happy Child" charity foundation systematically tracks the actual problems of sick children, children's hospitals and orphanages of the Zaporozhye region. Therefore, your help will be most effective and will be in the place where it is most needed.

2. A lot of people find like-minded people within the Foundation. What is difficult for one person to accomplish can easily be done by a group of people. Joining of efforts expands our possibilities.

3. Not always an activist has enough resources of his own (e.g., time and money) for the implementation of projects. In this case, the Foundation’s assistance will be more than well-becoming.

4. For young people without solid work experience such as students or pupils a letter of recommendation on behalf of the Foundation can be a great bonus to the good reputation. Every employer shall take this as an additional advantage for this personality.


It is not always clear how and where exactly to start over in volunteering. We have prepared a list of important options how one can help. Look at it, perhaps, what is not too difficult for you might be vital to others.

Volunteer - coordinator of volunteers

Volunteer - coordinator of the donor base

Volunteers - tour and excursion organizers

Volunteers - organizers of events under the "I want to be" program

Personal volunteers who can visit children and adults with special needs at their homes

Volunteers - masseurs to attend the orphanage in the village of Kalynovka

Volunteers - photographers or videographers (camera-control engineer)

Volunteers - drivers and/or couriers

Volunteer - mentors/ tutors

Volunteers attending a particular hospital and tracking the needs and exigencies of hospitals and patients

Volunteers – journalists and editors

Volunteers - lawyers, social workers or psychologists to visit adult neuropsychiatric nursing homes and to provide legal assistance to our wards

Volunteers - animators for carrying out holidays at Children's Hospital

Volunteers - programmers

Volunteers - participants in actions to raise funds

Volunteers - builders to perform construction in Kalynovka and children's village as well as to advise on construction

Volunteers - translators of articles (from/into Russian, Ukrainian, English, German)

Volunteers able to give a workshop for children in the orphanage and not only this

Volunteers who can arrange placement of our boxes in public places like stores, pharmacies, etc.

Any other volunteers who can help children and adults in trouble in any other ways that we have missed are more than welcome.

If in this list you haven’t found what you are good at, do not worry. It’s impossible to describe all possible ways of help. It is much better to do the following:

1. Sign up for our newsletter to receive news about the work of the Foundation and you will be aware of the current needs of volunteers.

2. Visit the Foundation.

3. Think. And think again what exactly you can do to help. What can you do better than others? Believe me, sometimes it is necessary to bake 200 pancakes urgently, for example, or paint a fence. Let us know what you can do well and what skill you are willing to share.

4. Right now ask your family and friends how you can help them. Trust me, there is always something to do there. Give them a hand in it.

5. Develop your skills and talents! Get improved and help other people.

We are willing to answer any questions, please contact us in the way convenient to you!

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