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Twenty-five children from large families visited Yalta, Foros and Sevastopol during autumn holidays

December 23, 2013, 9:30 5086 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Oxana Burns www.deti.zp.ua The children had a boat ride, visited the Swallow's Nest, the Foros church, climbed the Kastropol yaila (plateau)

The idea of going to the Crimea in early November seemed quite extreme to me. Packing my things, I only hoped it wouldn’t snow. The Zaporozhye station met us with dense fog. At half past eleven, twenty-five children from large families and their attendants looked tired but they knew they would have amazing time in autumn Crimea the following day.

Six hours later, we saw the sunrise at the station in Simferopol. Having got on the first trolleybus, we went to Yalta. It seemed to me that at this time of year Yalta would look dull and featureless. But my skepticism vanished as soon as we reached the embankment - the main sight of the city. There were crowds of rambling tourists, and like in summer, we saw bunch of people inviting everyone to all kinds of tours and boat trips. Having strolled along the embankment, we decided that Yalta should remain in children’s memory for a long time. Perhaps, it would look even more interesting from the sea. So we went on a sea voyage, the boat sailed up the "Swallow's Nest" and back.

As it was getting dark and we went to Foros. There we stayed with our hospitable hosts Vasily Nikolaevich and Lubov Nikolaevna, at their picturesque and comfortable three-storey cottage on the beach. By the way, our hosts did not charge us anything for accommodation, and tried to make our stay in Foros as pleasant as possible. We are sure that the kindness shown by these people will come back to this family hundredfold.

The next day we were going to go to the mountains. The Foros church was the first attraction on our way. Then we climbed to a height of 600 meters above sea level on Kastropol yaila (plateau).

We could see a wonderful view from there. We were above the clouds! Once everyone took 150 pictures of this "anomaly", we decided that it was time to return to our "camp".

As everyone still felt tired the following day, very few children wanted to go back to the mountains, so we decided to go to Sevastopol. And on the fourth day, we went home.

All in all, the kids got a lot of impressions from the trip. We kept hearing enthusiastic responses about the trip to the Crimea on the eve of winter for the further week. This is not surprising. The Crimea is ready to delight and amaze people of all ages all over again.

By the way, if you want to stay and have rest with these hospitable hosts in Foros in comfortable cottages near the sea at a reasonable price – just give a call: +38 050 702 74 42 (Vasily). There is a kitchen, a shower and a toilet, air conditioning, a refrigerator, television with satellite TV and a balcony overlooking the sea in each room. And the prices are more than reasonable in the offseason!

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