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The Help Center for Special Children in Orekhov

February 20, 2014, 18:20 2148 Author: Elena Miroshnichenko, translated by Oksana Nikolenko www.deti.zp.ua In September 20th, 2013 was founded the «Orekhov territorial center”. On 25th of December thirteen children for the first time celebrated Christmas holidays there

New Year at the Help Center for special children. Second on the top row - Director of the territorial center Kernichnaya N.V.; near Santa Claus – the Head of State Administration Dudnichenko K.V., a true friend of the Center; a man sitting on the floor – our beloved rehabilitator Igor Igorevich, the gift of fate to our Center. Photo by "Trudova slava" newspaper

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"Hopes of the Child" charity foundation dreamed of such a Help Center for Special Children since 2008: they contacted the clinic of doctor Kozijavkin (Lviv, Truskavets), they met the governance of the district hospital and the district council, and, of course, they tried to convince the parents of special kids to unite, organize and work together in this direction. They can only help with the purchase of the board and treatment authorizations which cost over 20,000 hryvnyas (2,200 US dollars) for three children in 2009-2013.

Nevertheless, the draft of a rehabilitation center for children with special needs in Orekhov was in preparation. The idea of the project was supported by the Head of the children's department of territorial center in city Polohi - Tatiana Nikolaevna and the Head of the "Planet of Happiness" Zaporizhzhya Public Organization - Angelica Vikhlyaeva (huge thanks to them!). They were unanimous: it is necessary to work with a child with special needs every day, parents need psychological and other specialized assistance, the public should and can participate in the life of special children.

In June 2013 everything went great: the initiative group (members of the "Hopes of the Child" Charity Foundation and mothers of special kids) received a grant from the "Under the Veil of Virgin Mother" foundation and People's Deputy - Bandurov V.V. - 14 800 UAH (1,630 US dollars) for the project of a rehabilitation help center for special children. According to the project, the specialized rehabilitation children’s equipment was purchased for 25 599 UAH (2,816 US dollars), among which 10 799 UAH (1,188 US dollars) the citizens of Orekhov had to collect.

Equipment Alma TM in the Orekhov territorial center

We are grateful for the support and donations to all the citizens of Orekhov: the educators of the district (1679 UAH - 184 US dollars), the groups of Orekhov hospital (394 UAH - 42 US dollars) and State Administration (2062 UAH – 226 US dollars), Orekhov market (673.3 UAH – 74 US dollars), Miroshnichenko S.N. (200 UAH – 22 US dollars), Kernichny A.D. (2000 UAH – 220 US dollars) and Kernichny K.A. (500 UAH – 55 US dollars), Lagoda D.A. (200 UAH – 22 US dollars), Trade House Orekhov (500 UAH – 55 US dollars), Peleshko A.N. (100 UAH – 10 US dollars), Nechay A.V. (200 UAH – 22 US dollars), Onishchenko A.G. (1000 UAH – 110 US dollars), Agrotech Ltd. (2000 UAH – 220 US dollars), Lepetchenko O.S. (500 UAH – 55 US dollars), Bova O.V. (300 UAH – 33 US dollars), Stetcenko A.A. (1000 UAH – 110 US dollars), Moroz S.A. (2000 UAH – 220 US dollars), Mogutnova T.V. (200 UAH – 22 US dollars).

There’s only one little thing left – premise, rent, staff, salary.

And again, everything went as well as possible. District State Administration in the summer of 2013 decided to open the department of social rehabilitation for disabled children within the Orekhov territorial center. There were allocated funds (40,000 UAH – 4,400 US dollars) to repair the territorial center, salary rates were given to experts - rehabilitators, psychologists, speech therapists. The employees of the territorial center renovated premises by themselves, prepared them for the reception of children. Thanks to them (and the director of the center Kernichnaya N.V.) from all the foundation members and residents of Orekhov city!

In November, the group classes in the department attended four children, the individual class - five. Thirteen children took part in a New Year's performance. Mothers baked a cake, the staff prepared a Christmas feast. Even a traditional old-fashioned New Year was celebrated in the pediatric department of the territorial center - parents and their special children have become accustomed to be TOGETHER and enjoy each of these moments.

Parents and experts of the center near the dry basin with "small fish"

This department is not officially called the "Help Center for Special Children" but we, the members of the "Hopes of the Child" foundation dreamed about such a center. Now this department is true Help Center in Orekhov - there are specialists who love their work and parents who have received tremendous moral support, and children - development, experience, friendship, and much more.

It is very pleasant that the project is implemented through the joint work of the city community (ordinary citizens, businessmen, employees), the district administration (great thanks to the governance) and the "Under the Veil of Virgin Mother" charity foundation and the People's Deputy Bandurov V.V..


Our Foundation continues the project of support the Center for special kids in Orekhov. So, for the feast of St. Nicholas in the children's department of territorial center there were ordered and delivered the necessary two mats and touch ball TM Alma for 4008 UAH – 440 US dollars. In addition, they continue to raise funds for the purchase of materials for training of psychologists, speech therapists and teachers, children's chairs and tables, soft furniture, hangers, wheelchairs for children and adults.




Department of the Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children, city Orekhov, Timirjazeva Street, 46.

Director - Kernichnaya Nadezhda Viktorovna.

Phone +38 061 41 33 21.

P.S. I cannot help sharing with you about what struck me particularly. Specialists of the department – a rehabilitator, a psychologist and others – work with special children, communicate with their parents and, if necessary - decide about activities at home. Some children of the "Tavria" territorial center sometimes are taken to classes by a special transport. One really needs to support such a Help Center for special children!

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