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Analytical Report of the "Happy Child" Charity Foundation in 2013

March 11, 2014, 13:00 4979 Author: deti.zp.ua, translated by Oksana Nikolenko www.deti.zp.ua


The Financial Report for 2013

The Reports on the implementation of the Foundation's programs:

      • Helping sick children of the Zaporozhzhye region

      • Assistance in purchase of equipment for children's hospitals

      • Helping the Chernigov Child’s Home for children with special needs

      • Activities of Klubok tourist educational club

      • The family for orphans project and foster families assistance

      • Helping large families and families in crisis

      • The construction of a children's village for foster families

      • “Helpus” – assistance of adults project


General information

Dear friends,

Many thanks for your generous assistance!

Since the beginning of 2013:

We received 5,833 donations amounting to 6,756,204 hryvnyas (approximately 704,744 US dollars).

General expenses are 5,179,781 hryvnyas (approximately 540, 123 US dollars)


We try as quickly as possible to use the funds raised for the treatment of children and other projects. And yet, there is always a certain balance, i.e. the difference between the amount of received money and the amount of expenses which is constantly on the foundation bank accounts:

- For some children and projects primarily fund-raising begins, then after accumulating a certain amount of money the payments are made;

- Sometimes when the fund-raising campaign is completed, and funds are held until the operation or treatment;

- Selection of equipment for hospitals, construction of the family-like home, the implementation of the grant project all require a certain amount of time to exercise - from a few days to a year, the raised funds are temporary stored on the bank accounts of the Happy Child. If possible the funds are placed on short-term deposits, the interests of which are indicated in our reports and are used for charitable purposes;

- In case of a major donation or grant the balance increases as we need time to use the recourses (searching the necessary equipment, the contracts with clinics, making payments, etc.)

You can take a look at detailed financial report for 2013

Helping sick children of the Zaporozhzhye region:

Specific assistance was provided to 256 children.

The amount of donations collected for sick children: 2, 730 417 hryvnyas (approximately 284, 683 US dollars)

The amount of provided assistance: 2 267 945 hryvnyas (approximately 236,110 US dollars)

Publications of the results of assistance to sick children

Purchasing of equipment for children's hospitals

Donations: 1,076 184 hryvnyas (approximately 112,219 US dollars)

Medical equipment was purchased in the amount of 616, 426 hryvnyas (approximately 64, 278 US dollars) for 11 health facilities

Photo reports about the purchased equipment

Helping the Chernigov Child’s Home for children with special needs

Donations: 872, 207 hryvnyas (approximately 90,949 US dollars)

Amount of provided assistance: 743, 758 hryvnyas (77, 555 US dollars)

“Happy Home – 2” is almost ready to open its doors

The Chernigov Child's Home (in the village Kalinovka) for children with disabilities is almost ready to open "Happy Home - 2", where in a cozy, family-like atmosphere nine girls will live. The complete renovation and expansion of the house required 551, 000 hryvnyas (approximately 57, 455 US dollars). There are six additional educators as well as a therapist who constantly work and are funded by our foundation.

In 2013 the Happy Child paid off the purchase of medicines, supplementary food, toys, stationery, materials for beads and handicrafts. Several excursions for orphans to Zaporozhzhye and Berdyansk were organized. Several training sessions for staff were maintained.

Kalinovka is constantly visited by volunteers from Ukraine, the USA, and the UK. Thanks to volunteers we could organize concerts, walks around the neighborhood and games.

In 2013 three children from Kalinovka were adopted by Americans, thus they became the U.S. citizens.

Besides, the foundation made the transfer of the children from Kalinovka to the Zaporozhzhye orphanage in Velikiy Lug, and the Kirov facility for people with disabilities. The children will be provided with more qualified medical care there.

Photo reports about helping the orphanage in Kalinovka

The family for orphans project and foster families assistance

Donations: 152, 752 hryvnyas (approximately 15,928 US dollars)

Program costs: 133,940 hryvnyas (approximately 13, 966 US dollars)

The school of foster families - August 2013, Kyrylivka

Within the "Mediapasport" project supported by Dnepropetrovsk organization “Rainbow Shine" 108 new photo-video-profiles of orphans of the Zaporozhzhye region were created. 27 orphans from the number of those, published on our website, have found their loving families.

Every month in Zaporozhzhye or regional centers meetings with adoptive parents are held.

In August 2013 with the support of "Development of Ukraine" Foundation and Children Affairs Service of the Zaporozhzhye State Administration a summer school for foster families was held in Kyrylivka.

In June 2013 in the Chernorechensky canyon of Crimea the tourist meeting of adoptive parents was organized.

We give regular consultations to prospective adoptive parents and already established families.

We sent the requests to the Commissioner for Children's Rights under the President of Ukraine on issues concerned the legislation on foster families (about benefits for utilities, the replenishment of the families).

In hospitals, clinics, services and the Zaporozhzhye region posters are posted – social ads about family placement of orphans.

Several foster families received the financial assistance for the expansion of housing and treatment of children.

Photo reports about the program

Activities of Klubok tourist educational club

Climbing Hoverla - August 2013

Donations: 218, 735 hryvnyas (approximately, 22,808 US dollars)

Aimed at the implementation of tourism programs: 170, 250 hryvnyas (approximately 17,752 US dollars)

31 events were organized, which were attended by 669 children.

11 hikes in Crimea and the Carpathians for 223 children

3 tent camps for 63 children

9 weekend trips to Kiev and other cities for 173 children

4 visits to the circus for 149 children

4 excursions for 62 children

Photo reports of Klubok events

Helping large families and families in crisis

Amount of provided assistance: 224, 239 hryvnyas (approximately, 23,382 US dollars)

You can take a look at our publications dedicated to large and low-income family assistance

The construction of a children's village for foster families

The way how the first house in the Children's Village will look like

In 2013 we developed a design for the first house in the children's eco-village for foster families, and laid the foundation of the house. We also continue the paperwork to land.

Collected funds should be sufficient for the construction of walls and ceilings. In the first house will be staying up to 10 children, including children with disabilities, and two foster parents. The house will be equipped with all amenities and adapted for children with special needs.

In November we launched the first competitive selection of foster families who agree to live in the village.

Amount of expenses on the project: 71, 823 hryvnyas (approximately 7,489 US dollars)

You can take a look at publications about the project

“Helpus” – assistance of adults project

The collected donations for the "Helpus” project: 271, 760 hryvnyas (approximately 28,337 US dollars)

Specific assistance was provided to 48 adults in the amount of 305, 603 hryvnyas (approximately 31, 866 US dollars)


We're grateful to all the donors and volunteers who helped children this year! It is you who make this world a better place!

Special thanks

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Mariia Kivniuk

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