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Make a Present of a Buckwheat Package – Help Children to See the World!

June 5, 2014, 12:00 2246 Author: Albert Pavlov, translated by Elena Guda deti.zp.ua Trips to the Carpathians; tent camps on Khortitsa Island, on the Arabat spit and in the “children’s village” await Zaporozhzhye children this summer. With your assistance, our “Klubok” tour will be able to realize these dreams

We would like to express gratitude to our readers and donors for their constant support of the tourist and educational “Klubok” program!

Regardless of the situation in the country we continue to work actively. This year children continue to learn the world and they are coming to the conclusion that the whole country is inhabited by kind and hospitable people. Since of the beginning of the year, we have visited Kiev, Sevastopol (we managed to make the trip in April!), Bukovel, Lviv and the Carpathians (a tourist center close to Scole) As usual, children from boarding schools travel for free; children from families with multiple children pay only some part of the cost.

At present we are making great plans for the summer. There will be no camping trips to Crimea till autumn because of the unclear situation with crossing the border; instead we are planning two trips to the Carpathians: to the Pop Ivan Marmaroshsky mountain (close to the Romanian border) in June, and to Goverla and Petros mountains at the beginning of August. But right now you can register for these activities.

Also in summer two tent camps will take place: in Ukrainka village at the place of the future children’s village, and in Genichesk (this is the cheapest variant of the sea summer camp).

We will be thankful for any feasible help in organization of these activities. For instance, any person can give a package of buckwheat or rice, fish or meat preserves to our office, for us to be able to feed children during our activities.

Children from ordinary families can also take part in trips and tent camping after payment of the rather small cost of the trip and an additional sum for participation of orphans or children from poor families (by the way, children from different social categories get on very well during trips and continue to be friends after the return home).

Certainly, reasonable financial donations are also welcome

And as usual, the Foundation Staff are ready to answer all your questions.

All the best and take care!

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