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The August Report on the Works Done in Orphanages for Children and Adults with Special Needs

September 12, 2014, 21:00 4331 Author: Maria Semashkina, translated by Anna Oliynyk www.deti.zp.ua Last month two more children from Kalinovka were adopted by families from the USA. The main event of the month for us as well as for many of those under our care was the visit of two volunteers from New Zealand

Last month two residents of Kalinovka – Artem and Vita – had a chance to attend the tent camp called “Children’s Village – 2014”, organized by the Foundation in the village of Ukrainka. Together with normal “healthy” children, they also went to the seaside in Genichesk.

In August, our physician continued his work in Kalinovka. Due to his activities, the local residents, first of all adults with severe diseases, got a possibility to pass medical examinations when they needed it and not when the orphanage could organize such examinations for them. When doing his work, our doctor has to constantly overcome the resistance of district hospitals, which do not want to deal with people with mental disorders. Actually, I think that in this country there are not so many agencies, which want to deal with them.

Thanks to the support of our regular donor, Maya’s Hope, Happy Home-2 now has 10 more chairs. Besides, this Foundation also gave money to purchase 41 packs of protein mix costing UAH 4,000 (310 US dollars) for the orphanages in Velikiy Lug and Kalinovka. Also Maya sent new toys and clothes for children from America, once more. Thank you!

At the doctor’s request, we purchased a machine for artificial lung ventilation to Kalinovka. Apart from that, Miroslava from the Western Ukraine has sent another set of materials for creative activities to Kalinovka. Thank you!

In August, two more children from Kalinovka were adopted by American families. Ruslan and Natasha went to their new homes. Now we have one artist less in the boy’s group. And one more “hopeless” girl found her family. To be honest, we could not even dream about a family for Natasha. It is a miracle. True miracle.

Ruslan (left) with his new brother


The main event of the month for us as well as for many of those under our care was the visit of two volunteers from New Zealand. Keshia and Jenny spent 5 weeks in Ukraine, with 3 weeks spent in Kalinovka, one week in the orphanage in Velikiy Lug and one day in Kirovsky orphanage. Back in their country, the girls work in an institution for elderly people, and here they wanted to help children. They did all the work, which is done by ordinary nurses on a daily basis, only without cleaning up in the buildings. We will surely publish an article with their impressions about how they saw our social security institutions.

Despite the fact that our educator for adults continues to come on work days, we still need your help in covering the pay of one more educator, who will work with those adults at the weekends. To cover the salary of another employee, we need UAH 3,000 (233 US dollars) including taxes.

The Report of Educators’ Work:

Natasha M. with girls made a meadow from play dough and flowers from paper and color stripes. This educator is teaching Vera S. to pronounce names clearly as the girl is mostly able to pronounce only sounds. In the same group, Larisa D. made a birch tree from beads together with girls. The educator Olya M. with Jenya and Vera learned to scissor, fasten zipper, draw on the pavement and do puzzles. The educator is teaching Miroslava to make the table and to take care of her hygiene.

The boys with Lilya K. made a mountain ash and a lilac and decorated a wooden box using decoupage technique. At the Lilya’s class, Artem made a glass painting and also helped Lilya to decorate the window in the girls’ house with glass paint.

Besides, Lilya and the boys made roses and violas from cold porcelain. The boys enjoy rolling out dough and making petals using special forms.

The Current Needs of the Orphanages (10 September 2014):

• diapers for children No. 5, for adults No. 1;

• disposable underpads;

• mix for tube feeding Peptamen, Jinior;

• air freshener Air Wick (replaceable cartridges);

• sucking bottles for feeding (40 pieces);

• germicidal lights;

• washing agents;

• baby soap and shampoo;

• jaconet;

• cheesecloth;

• medical gloves;

• food tray;

• enamel pan (10L);

• pediatric pathfinders No. 8.

• CD with nature sounds and with children’s songs

• thread for knitting

• developmental toys (construction sets, logical table games)

• musical instruments

• picture frames of A4 and 13x18 sizes, volumetric frameworks

• threads for crochet work, crochet

• training equipment

• footballs

• socks for children and adults

• beads

• white and pink enamel

• flowerpots

• tires

• construction (expanding) foam

• large empty water bottles

• water filter

• computer for adults and the new department in Kalinovka

• wall paintings

• microwave

• deodorants

• stained glass film

• tape recorder

• sandglass

• silicone mat

• colouring books

• musical toys (for adults)

• baby porridge

• Scotch tape

• toothpaste

• superglue

• puzzles

• mosaic

• paper coffee filters

• green floristic ribbons and wire

• mirror

• board for plasticine

• safety razors for girls

• protein nutrition

• magnets for the desk

• color paper two-side 10 packs

• Dragon glue

• crepe paper

• cotton pads

• spangles for decorations

• wet wipes

• acrylic paints

• AA batteries

• files

• satin ribbon

We appreciate all previous support and constant encouragement! Remember that we are the ones who can help these children and adults! Each and every dollar and minute of your attention to children and adults with special needs are priceless and as good as gold. Let’s do good!

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