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Ukraine’s parliament rejects joining Convention on children protection

January 3, 2007, 0:00 2544 for-ua.com

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has not backed a law on Ukraine’s joining the Convention on children protection and cooperation in international adoption. 100 out of 442 deputies registered in the hall voted for the draft bill.

Party of Regions faction, SPU and KPU did not vote with their full complement, 44 Our Ukrainians and 56 deputies from BYuT seconded the document.

A number of parliamentarians stand against joining the Convention, because some of its regulations contradict Ukrainian legislation.



Jeff Mowatt (14:49 | 12 December,2006)

Not surprising with so much to hide: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6171083.stm

Gene (14:58 | 12 December,2006)

Shocking that anyone could vote against child protection. Children are our future. On the other hand, it would be interesting if the editor could publish a story on why the VR voted it down.

Jeff Mowatt (15:10 | 12 December,2006)

VR take note, this alone will guarantee exclusion form Europe.

Waldo (16:06 | 12 December,2006)

Unbelievable and shameful.

Volodymyr (22:45 | 12 December,2006)

Unfortunately, not the least bit surprising. The mockal communist system had never indoctrinated their people with anything resembling compassion for their fellow countrymen - only 'slava trudu'...at any cost. Most of the POR degenerates have no more moral scruples than yanukovich himself. This, unfortunately, is the sad result of 70 years of mockal communist rule. Infadels to their own nation...and even their own children. Smert mockalyam. Sons of Bandera.

Zumbrunnen (00:43 | 13 December,2006)

This is in fact bad news, in particular in the light of the appointment of an old Communist apparatchik as Youth minister. Everyone close to the matter nows that Pavlenko had a huge impact by replacing the corrupted adoption agency of the Education Ministery with a very professional and transparant directorate in his Ministery that in fact has been working according to the stipulations of the Haag Convention for a couple of months now. I hope Ukrainian politicians are aware of the influence that foreign adoption has on the reputation of the country. A lot of adoptive parents of Ukrainian children have become close observers of the situation and regular supporters of welfare activities in the country.

Yaro (14:46 | 13 December,2006)

The Ukrainian criminal system supported by Yanukovich and his Russified village idiots cannot dispence with children being explited as they are the adults of tomorrow, and if you start young you have a better chance of controlling them when they are older..

Bohdan (04:42 | 15 December,2006)

Disgusting, this VR band of gangsters and "Samaritans" needs to get disbanded and sent back to the country that speaks their mother tongue. This certainly is not Christian Ukrainian culture.

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