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Natalia Prodanova, born in 1979 - Breast cancer, II stage

January 29, 2022, 16:01 478 Author: Leonid Lobanok Fifteen hearts behind.

Natalia Prodanova

Natalia Prodanova, born in 11.12.1979

Diagnosis: Breast cancer, II stage.

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Natalia has fifteen adopted children. Fifteen hearts, which had been left without a family, which went through the indifference of boarding schools, and found their parents again. Five of them are already adults, but for Natalia they are still children.

Natalia Prodanova

Natalia became a foster mother 5 years ago. The children's department of the boarding school, where she worked, was going to be disbanded, and all the children should be distributed to other institutions in the region. Natalia could lose both her job and the children she became attached to. Then the Prodanovs Family took a house for free, underwent training and created a family-type orphanage. A large friendly family was simply obliged to become happy. And then the doctors discovered that Natalia had breast cancer.

There was no time and no place to despair and lose heart. Behind her was a whole troop of children who had just found parents. Hundreds of people responded to the call for help, Natalia underwent chemotherapy and surgery. The disease has receded.

Natalia Prodanova

For three years, the large Prodanovs family lived happily, but in the summer of 2021, tests showed a relapse. And again, Natalia had no time to become discouraged. For several months, with the support of family and friends, Natalia underwent a chemotherapy. The surgery is planned for February, for which we have only half of the amount, another 30,000 hryvnias (about $1,100 USD) are missing.

To defeat the disease, Natalia has the most important thing — the faith in her strength and children, for whom she must live. It remains only to collect the missing amount and continue the treatment. Please help the Prodanovs' big family to return to happiness!

The family lives in Kalinovka, Zaporozhye region.

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