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Let’s pray for Lerochka Skripnik

June 20, 2008, 8:00 9758 Author: By Inna Fomenko, Zaporozhye, Ukraine www.deti.zp.ua On 11 of June, 2008, our beautiful girl Lerochka Skripnik passed away to Christ in a reanimation department. Lera had been fighting with her illness very long, but Lord called her to himself and to her dad who had died with the same diagnosis several years before

On 11 of June, 2008, the pure soul Lerochka Skripnik died in Zaporozhye regional children's hospital. Lera and her mother bravely fought with the illness, but girl’s organism couldn’t manage with an guileful disease and difficult painful treatment. Several years ago Lera’s father died of the same illness. Let us pray for Lera’s soul and also support to her mother Ludmila!

It’s very difficult to get used to children’s death. Every new case stuns as at the first time.

When the child dies the endless world of his/her smiles, attachments, hobbies, words passes away, into eternity….. All that they leave us are the blessed remembrances about each of them.

Three weeks ago I made pictures of children's works they had done on our art-therapy lessons. Lera had the most works. While I was doing pictures Lera took out all things she had done. There were works on modeling and appliques, beadworks, macrame, pictures - a style of painting called “Petrikovskaya rospis” by the name of Ukrainian village Petrikovka where it was invented.

- How much works you have! Lera, do you know what do we make all these pictures for?

- No, I don’t.

- We will put all you works into the Internet, let people know how talented our children are!

We had no time to place children’s works on the site before Lera’s death…..

Last Thursday the teacher of the decorative-applied art brought the last works of children: lacquered and dried painting dishes. Children were sitting silently: there was no more Lera among them. Three works from the pile of dishes were made by Lera, most talented as to my mind. These dishes will be placed on one of the department’s wall in memory of Lera...

This exhibition of works is dedicated to Lera:

Hand-made beadworks:

Basket weaved by Lera with special thread (macrame) on the art-therapy lessons:

Appliqued works, made with nature materials:

Appliqued tree. The leaves are made with real dried leaves of acacia:

The frame for the icon:


The last Lera’s works: the plates painted in “petrikovskaya rospis” technique:

The last photo of Lerochka: Lera with her works in her ward:

The life of Lera was so short and so bright!

Lets pray heartily for Lera’s soul and for support to her mother Ludmila!

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