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Ukrainian family needs help in creating family-type orphanage

February 27, 2006, 0:00 6246 Zaporozhye orphanages

“…Stop doing wrong and learn to live right. See that justice is done.

Defend widows and orphans and Help those in need.” (Isaiah 1.17)

"Who will teach me to be happy?" - such question ask us teenager from the orphanage. It's no secret, that people usually adopt children under 3 years old.

But what about older children?

Gorev family with orphans

Orphans are guests in family of Yura and Lena Gorev on weekends.

After graduating school, many of orphans can't use many elementary things in family life. Of course, they can't resolve more difficult problems of life. They lived without family, so have no knowledge how to create and keep their own families.

Who will teach them all these things?

They say, the street life will learn them. But what it can teach those who whole life lived in the children's homes or orphanages? Blot of orphanhood will lie on them for a long time in adult life. I can talk so, because I myself some period of life studied in the orphanage. Now I can't be wondered about anything I can see when I hosts orphans in my home on weekend. So our family want to give all our energies for chance of good future for orphans.

Yura and Kolya

Yura and Kolya

We hope to create family-type children's home, where from 6 to 10 orphans can feel warmth of hearth, receive harmonious spiritual and physical development

We need help from good people throughout the World. The main problem is to find house in Zaporozhye, Ukraine for children's home. You can meet us personally, call by phone or contact us by e-mail. We are overt for any advices or help.

Our e-mail: lena_goreva[at]bk.ru

(please, replace [at] with @ before sending e-mail)

Please, call us: +380 66 3393866 (Yura), +380 66 5192290 (Lena) (cell.)

God bless you!

With love,

Gorev family (Yura, Lena and son Andrey)

Zaporozhye, Ukraine



News from 13.09.2006 - Gorev's family finally found house to create family-type orphanage. We wish them success in her undertaking!

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