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Natalya Grisyuk (Kisluk), born in 1992 - Mixed form cystic fibrosis

December 17, 2020, 12:30 8782 Author: Olga Vovk deti.zp.ua In January, Natalya Grisyuk needs to undergo treatment with Bramitob, which costs 80,000 hryvnias. She can't do it on her own!

Natalya Grisyuk (Kisluk), born in 28,02.1992

Diagnosis: Mixed form cystic fibrosis.

News about the treatment of Natalia Grisyuk (Kisluk)

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Good afternoon, dear wizards! I share with you the news from my life. I was finally treated! I was hospitalized for the first time in my city. Due to the quarantine, the Lviv hospital, in which I am always treated, does not accept patients from other cities. Morally this time it was cool, almost without tears and hysterics. My dear relatives came to me, who due to their advanced age could not come to Lviv. They brought me delicious homemade food and walked with me in a nearby park.

The first catheter stood for almost 12 days, on the bend of my right arm - for me this is a record! With my punctured and damaged veins, this is a real endurance and miracle! The treatment was very pleasant, the only drawback was that I lacked the installations of Lyudmila Iosifovna Bober and physiotherapy with Svetlana Nikolaevna Orel, my permanent magicians who know me and feel my body! I was treated with antibiotics: Meronem + Amikacin + Colomycin inhalation.

Today I completed the outpatient course of inhalations with Colomycin and tomorrow I start breathing with Bramitob. My family and I put aside the funds for this expensive treatment for more than six months. There is absolutely no money for the next course, and it cannot be interrupted and put off. I began to actively seek the extradition of Bramitoba from the local authorities, but, unfortunately, so far unsuccessfully. The cost of one course is more than 80,000 hryvnia, the local budget is "not rubber", and such courses generally need 3!

I diligently follow all appointments, try to keep my lungs in a satisfactory condition, and do all breathing exercises. I adhere to all quarantine restrictions, most of the time I am at home, taking care of my health and creativity. When the opportunity arises, my husband and I go for a walk in the park, keep our distance from other people and enjoy the beauty around!

I sincerely thank every kind person for your time, care and help! I hope that you will not leave me and will help in acquiring a vital course of antibiotic. For my part, I will seek funds from the local authorities and do everything that depends on me!

Her Natalya lives in Lutsk in eastern Ukraine.

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