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Victoria Ivashchenko, born in 2016 - Diabetes

March 4, 2021, 11:45 2296 Author: Olga Vovk Victoria is a gray-eyed miracle. Although this five-year-old girl suffered a lot, she still believes she can cope with a sweet disease and live a long and happy life!

Victoria Ivashchenko Statement

Victoria Ivashchenko, born in 06.07.2015

Diagnoses: Type 1 diabetes.

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Victoria is a gray-eyed miracle. Although this five-year-old girl suffered a lot, she still believes she can cope with a sweet disease and live a long and happy life!

From the very beginning Victoria’s life was full of trials. Right after the girl’s first birthday, she felt very unwell. Even though the main symptoms of diabetes started to show up, nobody could see the real problem yet. The ambulance took Victoria to an infectious disease hospital but they failed to help. All the diagnoses were incorrect, so the treatment was useless. Mom raised the alarm because her little daughter was getting worse and eventually fell into a diabetic coma.

Seven days of coma resulted in a huge amount of anxiety, precious time and money.

Victoria dramatically lost her weight and wouldn't regain consciousness. Finally one of the doctors thought of measuring Victoria’s blood sugar level.

The words of the doctor sounded like thunder in the clear sky: "I am afraid your child has diabetes. It’s not curable. Victoria reached the critical level of 26.8 mmol/l. We don’t have an endocrinologist in our hospital, so we will have to take your daughter to the regional intensive care unit." Feeling shocked Victoria’s mom could not believe her ears. She could not even imagine how her life would turn upside down soon.

Victoria Ivashchenko Statement

Victoria is a real warrior and has been struggling for her life and health a lot. Her family has learned the basic rules of diabetes after the girl was discharged home. There were moments on the verge, intensive care units, pain and tears. Thanks to the volunteers of the Happy Child charity foundation and kind people the funds were raised to install an insulin pump at the Kyiv OKHMATDIT hospital. Of course, the joy knew no bounds! Life with the pump became much easier. Victoria and her mother felt it from the start. Victoria even started attending kindergarten. She enjoys it a lot!

Victoria Ivashchenko Statement

Viktoria and her sister are brought up by their mother only. The father left the family. Nadezhda, Victoria’s mom has severe physical disabilities related to the musculoskeletal system. Currently the family is living on two disability pensions and help from big-hearted people. Given that her daughter's treatment requires a lot of money, both for the treatment itself and for the consumables for the use of the pump, diagnostic examination, monthly tests, special nutrition, she completely ruined her health. But despite all the hardships and troubles, none of the girls in this family is giving up!

Please, support this small but strong family!

In support of Victoria, we opened a fundraiser on the platform dobro.ua, project Bitter life with "sweet sickness". The goal is to raise together with our partner UAH 41,846 for the purchase of consumables for maintaining an insulin pump.

The family lives in Zaporizhzhia.

For more information, please contact the staff of the Happy Child Foundation.

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