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Kerimov Artur is a child who needs our help

April 2, 2017, 19:00 2900 Author: Vakulinskaya Alina www.deti.zp.ua For April we need 770 USD and we will not be able to collect them alone ...

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Our family and little Artur has been fighting this insidious heavy disease for years. Thanks to all of you, your support and assistance, we already did much and have some good results. Every progress and success of my little Artur made me happy and I shared my happiness with you. I will not speak about new success today, I will show instead what does the epilepsy do with little Artur and what pain it brings to him every day. On the EEG records,you can see how much the brains of the child are affected; the diagram presents what happens to the child while the epilepsy crises is progressing in his brains. When it happens, the boy is bending in a horrible way getting exhausted, and this can last from 2 to 6 hours coming with cramps and jerking of the body (looks like electric shock) 100-120 times per hour.. It is hard to express what one feels watching his sun suffering when any of the anti-convulsion therapy methods give no help and no result. In such moments I was holding my child trying to embrace him with the greatest mother`s tenderness with hope that the Mother`s Love would release him at least in some way.

Dr. Olivier Dulac who is practicing neuropsychology of childhood epilepsy comes to Kyiv from France on 23th of April just for 4 days. Guiding the parents about further actions of care, he helped many children, sometimes they even had to change the type of therapy. We MUST see him, because we want to receive his consultation and advices about further treatment. To make the consultation efficient, we need to undergo other examinations such as brains MRI scans, EEG and so on. It will be unforgivable to loose such an opportunity. Therfore we appeal to your kind-heart again asking you for support and help.

After the consultation at Mr. Dulac we have to travel at once to Kharkiv for a rehabilitation course elaborated by Dr. Sandakov.

Last March we received the consultation of a child neurologist from Moscow Dr. Dmitrii Sardakov, and he gave us hope that the capacities of little Artur could be evolved to certain levels even in this state. Even more, the child could be released from frequent pneumonias that he usually suffers through twice or three times per year.

For April we need 770 USD but we will not be able to collect them alone ...

- The cost of the visiting Mr. Dulac is 270 USD including transportation to Kyiv

- Examinations (MRI, EEG, and others) costs 230 USD

- The cost of a rehabilitation course in Kharkiv is 270 USD including transportation

The total is 770 USD

We love our little Artur so much and strongly believe in his steady progress, but without financial support, we will not be able to cope.

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