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Nikita Burlay, born in 2013 - Cerebral palsy

February 3, 2021, 19:55 44 Author: Natalia Moroz At the end of 2020, Angela Burlai's small family became even smaller - now without David. In order not to think about grief, Angela and Nikita plunged deeper into work.

Nikita Burlai

Nikita Burlay, born in 26.09.2013

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy.

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"It is very difficult to write about what the heart does not accept!"

In October 2020, grief happened in the family of Angela Burlai. For a long time, my mother could not talk about it, but life forces herself to pull herself together and look forward for the sake of her son. Now the only one. “My son David has become an angel! - says Angela. - His heart stopped. After such a heavy loss, it is very difficult to pull myself together and continue to fight, but my second son really needs me and you, Nikita, who will now fight the disease for two!”

Now all of Angela's attention is directed to Nikita. She dreams that this year he will go to the first grade and, possibly, to the most ordinary school where healthy children study. 7 years of tireless struggle have given tremendous positive momentum and great prospects for the future.

In order not to think about their grief, the small family plunged deeper into work. Kindergarten in the morning, after - the sports section. Since November last year, Nikitka began to practice judo! What is easy and simple for an ordinary child, then Nikita is given with difficulty. After a trial lesson, seeing the boy's great desire and desire, the coach agreed to take a special baby. So far, the lessons are individual, because it is not easy to deal with children with special needs. And Nikita, in turn, is trying very hard to get into the general group of children. But now the main thing is to learn to walk with confidence! And training between rehab is good for keeping fit.

Nikita Burlay

So in January 2021, Nikitka underwent an intensive rehabilitation course at the Ioannov Center. And again, according to the final indicators, Nikita improved his results! We were tested before and after classes. As a result, coordination of movements and endurance improved, Nikita was able to walk more than 20 meters and step over the bar on his own. And before leaving, he received his first medal and certificate for achievements!

Now that Nikita has begun to grow rapidly, rehabilitation is a salvation from spasticity and deterioration of his condition.

We ask you to help Nikita get to the next course of treatment at the Tomatis-Ukraine center in the city of Kharkov, which begins in February 2021. The center is awaiting payment of 33,800 hryvnia within a month, so we have a little time, but we still have it.

Dear friends! Only thanks to you Nikita has such excellent results. And only thanks to you he will definitely go to school with his feet!

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