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November 6, 2017, 15:00 1754 Author: Natalia Moroz deti.zp.ua Friendship and loyalty are around the clock and time-tested notions, and as time shows, we are always welcome here.

From time to time we want to meet an old friend. Sometimes it happens by chance, on the fly. You come suddenly, and it's nice that you are happy. Meeting with the staff of the children's hospital turned into a small excursion to the intensive care unit. I say straight, we approached it with all seriousness - we were provided with a full "outfit" according to the internal regulations of the hospital. Perhaps, everyone agrees with me that resuscitation is not the most "positive" place in the clinic, but I have not seen a gloomy face. In general, there are no complaints about the conditions or lack of those you will not hear there. Young nurses with equal eagerness to children of different ages and varying severity of the disease. Even a small "unwanted baby", whose fate caused a little distress, was surrounded by warmth.

Of course, due to the specifics of the work, my sight fell on the equipment in the corridor. It becomes clear to everyone immediately that this is a typical “retiree” of medical equipment. The doctor affectionately called him Roshka - an artificial lung. It is in working condition, but the quality of its services can’t be compared with more modern ones, which control the state of the child's breathing by themselves and individually regulate the supply of oxygen. There is a couple in the hospital now, but this couple is not enough for a regional clinic. That's how they stand side by side like the reminder from the past, from which we can’t refuse and the future, to which we can’t always reach.

We were very pleased with the renovated intensive care unit for the smallest premature babies. At first glance you can see that the department is not deprived with attention. Modern systems of observation and assistance to children are existed here, but let’s be fair, we would like to have more. The staff is particularly concerned about the old "pensioner" mobile X-ray apparatus named Arman 1 with the quality mark of non-existant state anymore. He is also in working condition, but could you imagine the state of the object that has been became outdated long time ago. In the terminology of a doctor, a crisis can occur at any time. But the staff loves it very much. How not to love the one who creaking with iron joints, continues to participate in saving of the most lives dear to us.

We did not bypass the surgical department. There were not operations there, fortunately. We were greeted by silence, cleanliness and the same pensioners of the medical industry. There was no surgical intervention performed without electrocoagulators. There are 18 of them. The cost of the modern equipment of domestic manufacturers starts from 600 USD. For people who are not indifferent, the amount feels equal to it, so there is a subject for reflection.

Already at the end of the excursion, almost at the exit, I found out that one of the physiotherapeutic offices was not working. Just the other day, one of the local "pensioners" apparatuses was broken down. Paraffin heater is out of order now and forever. The price of the domestic manufacturer starts from 400 USD. There is no big panic on this occasion, but everyone with joint pain knows how important it is, especially when cold weather begins and especially if the child needs help. I'd like to help solve this problem quickly. If someone's views on this life coincide with the desire to help, then the "Happy Child" Foundation, the management of the clinic, and most importantly, the patients' mommies, will be grateful to you.

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