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From England with Love

April 13, 2018, 14:00 2622 Author: Yulia Pavlova www.deti.zp.ua 7 volunteers from Great Britain visited all the Happy Homes and contributed to the further development of the project.

A three-day marathon of live communication, good deeds and warm hugs. It’s pretty much how we can describe the visit of the good friends and constant sponsors of our foundation projects from the UK. Vinca, Clara, Archie, Paul, Vanessa, Ruby and Simon came to visit Zaporozhye region. The last time they were here was about five years ago. At that time the only Happy home-1 was built in Kalinovka; while in Ukrainka there was the only old house, which some years later became the Happy home-4.

The guests easily began to feel at home in Ukraine and found a common language with the residents of happy homes. The children communicated with the guests with great interest, asked them questions and even broadcasted live on social networks. They even gave some mini concerts.

Together with the representatives of the Charitable Foundation "Happy Child" the guests visited the boarding school in Kalinovka and Happy Homes 1 and 2. Our friends remember the grown up children very well, they were glad to learn that many of them had found caring parents and lived in good conditions. It became obvious to all of us that not only disabled children, but also adult wards needed care (we’ll write about it later).

Before going home, the British guests visited a rural school in Lyubimovka, Mikhailovsky District (the children who live in Happy homes 3 and 4 study there). This was not the first visit of foreign volunteers, so the kids asked questions boldly and had their pictures taken with the guests gladly.

Very tired, but satisfied, the guests got a lot of impressions and emotions, and also learned a few Ukrainian words. The donations left by the volunteers will help develop the Children's Village project and grant Happy Homes to those who need them most!

In Lyubimov school children were photographed with guests

Improvised concert in Happy Home-3 in Ukrainka

Dinner at the Happy House-3 in Ukrainka

In Kalinovka, building №3

Vinka and her son Archi on Khortytsya

On the island of Khortytsya

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