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Egor Bezushko, born in 2020 - Cystic fibrosis

March 26, 2021, 17:17 1708 Author: Olga Vovk Yegorushka needs our financial support. In mid-April, the baby needs to undergo an operation to close the stoma.

Egor Bezushko

Egor Bezushko, born in 18.12.2020

Diagnosis: Cystic fibrosis, severe course.


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Egor Bezushko

Whenever we learn about newborn babies diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, we are filled with conflicting emotions. On the one hand, it is pain, sadness and devastation, on the other, relief from the fact that the correct diagnosis was established on time and the necessary treatment was started. In most cases, it is difficult to detect a genetic disorder without neonatal screening. But if the course of the disease is severe, it manifests itself from the first day of a child's life. This is exactly what happened in the family of the newborn Yegorushka. Mom Marina shares with us the story of her beloved son:

“Yegorushka is our little and long-awaited happiness, he was born on December 18, 2020. It is difficult to describe in words how happy we were when we learned that we would have another child! The eldest son helped us choose everything we needed for the baby, kissed his tummy and dreamed aloud how he would roll him in a stroller, play and read fairy tales to his little brother. It was a perfect pregnancy and a perfect childbirth, no one could have thought that our cloudless happiness would be short-lived. The next day after giving birth, the baby with intestinal obstruction was taken to the intensive care unit, and the next day the operation was performed. Our family prayed that the preliminary diagnosis, cystic fibrosis, would not be confirmed. For eleven days our strong boy fought for his life in intensive care, all these days we lived only with faith in the best.

But after a sweat test, all hopes vanished. Sweat chlorides were off the charts, so mistakes were out of the question. It was a shock, because all the relatives are healthy, and our pregnancy was planned and very desirable."

Egor Bezushko

Now Yegorka has a stoma that needs to be closed in April. This means that there will be a second operation and rehabilitation. Last time, through the ventilator, he was brought in two serious infections, with which he is struggling to this day. All this time, the baby takes antibiotics to destroy Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Klebsiella. Unfortunately, all of the family's savings were spent on surgery, antibiotics and specialized nutrition. Taking into account the experience of the first operation, it can be assumed that about 540 dollars will be required for consumables and medicines. The question of purchasing a sterilizer and a recirculator is also acute: without them, the fight against infections existing in the body will be ineffective. Since Yegor has a weakened immune system, any additional infection threatens the safety of his lungs. The purchase of medical equipment requires 320 dollars.

Mom Marina asks for your participation and help: “Whoever has the opportunity, please help our baby! He has not yet seen life, but he loves it intuitively! Our little son almost never leaves his face with a smile, even in a dream! The only thing when the tummy starts to hurt, he cries bitterly, bitterly, there is no trace of a smile. In such cases, only a parental hug helps. "

The family lives in Kharkov.

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