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News from Veronichka and Ilya

May 25, 2021, 13:31 813 Author: Natalia Moroz Fundraising is closed! Ilya and Veronika left for Kozyavkin's clinic to undergo a rehabilitation course. Thank you!

News from Veronichka and Ilya

On May 12, 2021, employees of the Domestic Violence Counteraction Sector of the Zaporizhzhya District Police Department decided to give a day of joyful and vivid emotions Ilya and Veronichka. Considering that it is always pleasant and joyful for any child to communicate with animals, law enforcement officers offered to conduct excursions in the cavalry group of the special police battalion and the dog training center of the GUNP.

Children are still impressed! Communication with horses did not leave anyone indifferent! They decided to stroke them, feed them with apples, and then, with joyful delight, ride a horse.

Meeting the dogs of the Kennel Center - and a new delight! A small show performed by service dogs made the children especially happy. Happy exclamations accompanied every trick of the four-legged police assistants. In addition, Ilya and Veronica were allowed to play with a cute fluffy puppy, who was born from a service dog of the Labrador breed.

News from Veronichka and Ilya

Veronica with pleasure has demonstrated her push-up skills on a par with the police patrol! And this is so much emotion!

Ilya and Veronichka are special children. Responsible beyond their years, they strive to quickly learn to walk on their own. They are also worried that they cannot raise funds for rehabilitation in time - after all, their mother has two of them!

Less than a month left before the start of rehabilitation! Support our dreamers Ilya and Veronichka!

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