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June 13, 2021, 12:04 511 Author: Olga Vovk In early May, Violetta Yurchenko found herself on the brink of life and death. Only by combining all efforts, we were able to stabilize the baby's condition. Now the family needs help again!

Violetta Yurchenko

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Since birth, Violetta has had many diagnoses, with which she fights for every day of her life! The main one is severe renal failure of the 5th degree. In order for the baby to live, she needs to take a large number of medicines every day and carry out the procedure of peritoneal dialysis. The girl spent the last year of her life in Kiev, in the Okhmatdet clinic.

At the end of April, the doctors decided to discharge the girl and her mother home.

Violetta Yurchenko

In early May, the girl's mother informed the fund's staff that they were in a rented house in the Zaporizhzhya region, that they had no medicine, and that their daughter was feeling bad. We usually do not visit families outside of the city because, unfortunately, our human and financial resources are limited. But this time an exception was made: on a subconscious level, a feeling of trouble crept in. As it turned out later, it was this premonition that saved Violettochka's life.

At the time of our visit, the baby was exhausted: with her face and hair wet from cold sweat, she did not eat for the second day, and during this time less than 100 ml of urine was excreted through the tube going from the kidney to the outside; bluish skin color, the temperature barely reaches 34 degrees. Our employees were forced to intervene in the situation and take upon themselves the solution of the issue of emergency hospitalization of the child.

Violetta Yurchenko

Violetta was admitted to the intensive care unit of the regional hospital in critical condition. Thanks to the help of caring people, we managed to find funds and provide the crumbs with all the necessary medicines, which at that time were not in the hospital. Thank God, Viola's condition was stabilized, she was discharged from the hospital. Alas, the needs of the family will not disappear anywhere until the transplant takes place. Viola is on the waiting list for a postmortem kidney transplant - the waiting time can be measured in years.

Violetta needs to take from 5 to 12 drugs every day, depending on her state of health, every evening she has to carry out the procedure of peritoneal dialysis. The cost of medicines per month exceeds 372 dollars. Violet is raised only by an orphan mother, who also suffers from kidney disease. She pins all her hopes only on caring people. The life of her daughter is in our hands and yours.

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