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Money in exchange for life

August 27, 2023, 18:25 435 Author: Vovk Olha deti.zp.ua We ask for your continued support of our cystic fibrosis care program. Your generous contribution is life-saving, without exaggeration!

Кошти в обмін на життя

They are alive thanks to your help!

Every day, our wards fight against a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis. With the war in order to preserve their lives and health, the need for resources has increased significantly. You, our wizards, do not leave them alone!

Our program of assistance to patients with cystic fibrosis continues to function and solve urgent issues that our wards are unable to cope with on their own!

This summer, we helped our wards in the amount of over 2 800 USD

But in order to be able to survive this season without losing money, we need more or less funds. It is necessary to purchase antibiotics for inpatient treatment for at least 6 patients, replenish stocks of specialized food for patients over 14 years old, and find an opportunity to purchase food certificates. According to the most modest calculations, 8 120 USD are needed for our CF patients for the next three months.

With this amount, we purchased antibiotics for inpatient treatment, drugs for outpatient treatment, medical equipment for individual use, individual consumables and reagents in the pulmonology department, to identify patients.

Also, with the help of friendly funds, we had the opportunity to support our CF patients with specialized food, food kits, and food certificates.

Now we are all actively preparing for the difficult autumn-winter period. The difficulties are not only that this is the time of seasonal exacerbations in patients with cystic fibrosis. Many corrections are made by our unkind neighbors. Power outages and heat blackouts cause a lot of trouble, and because of them, immunity sharply decreases to a large extent. Daily treatment procedures turn into tasks with an asterisk; the ward uses either portable, expensive gadgets for this or goes to points of invincibility in order to perform life-necessary inhalations.

Already at the beginning of September, we will need to buy medicine for our new adult ward, Oleksandr Pokrovsky. As of today, its sowing is not yet ready; therefore, we cannot name the required amount of funds for treatment. Sasha was diagnosed not so long ago, and because of this, his condition is difficult. It is for this reason that we always emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and timely initiation of appropriate treatment.

As always, we never get tired of thanking our constant helpers! It is impossible to calculate how many years of life you have won back for our wards, definitely this number in the aggregate will be more than 100 years! We ask for your continued support of our cystic fibrosis care program. Your generous contribution is life-saving, without exaggeration!

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