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Masha and her achievements

November 7, 2023, 11:00 249 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua With your help, we transformed the girl's life from mere existence into an interesting study.

Masha and her achievements

Masha has an extremely rare genetic disease - Wolff-Hirschhorn syndrome. For a long time, no one guessed the real diagnosis. Instead, in Masha's medical card, malformations were listed, some of which were gradually corrected by surgeons. She has to live with the rest.

For five years, together with you, we have helped Masha adapt to life. We buy special food, medicine, and also pay for rehabilitation courses. During this time, there was a huge leap in the girl's development. Masha happily explores the world around her, learns to 'speak' about her desires with the help of sounds and gestures. She gradually forms a chain of actions. Masha understands that when her mother starts dressing her, they will go to class or go for a walk to their favorite swing. That is why she tries to quickly get into the pants with her legs and into the blouse with her hands.

Masha and her achievements

Masha recently returned from Kharkiv, where she underwent another rehabilitation course. There she painted her first picture with paints almost independently. This is not just any work of art, but this drawing is a real achievement and pride for Masha's mom!

Thank you very much, friends, for helping the girl! Together, we turned Masha's life from existence into an interesting study.

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