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Two hundred families were left without assistance

November 23, 2023, 21:00 252 Author: Lobanok Yana deti.zp.ua To continue delivering humanitarian aid, we need to repair the car.

Two hundred families were left without assistance

Komyshuvaha is a small town near Zaporizhzhia. About 30 kilometers from our office. An incredible girl, Anna Sukhina, lives here. Almost from the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Anna and her friends began to evacuate the residents of the neighboring town of Polohy and the surrounding area to Zaporizhzhia, and in the opposite direction they carried humanitarian aid.

In April 2022, Anna's car broke down. Thanks to the support of our friends from the United States, "Refugee Protection International", we bought another one for her.

In a year and a half, Anna and our car did many good deeds. Dozens of people were evacuated and hundreds were assisted. About two hundred families from front-line towns and villages are currently under Anna's care. She brings them bread, food, drinking water, clothes and medicine. Mostly these are old women who are waiting for Anna and know that they can turn to her with any question. Also under her care are 60 children who are always happy with goodies.

Two hundred families were left without assistance

When we bought a car, we had a star-studded task - to buy a seven-seater car in order to take out more people at once. But not too attractive, so that the invaders at the checkpoints would not "like" it. Then we chose a rather old Opel Zafira. A year and a half later, it stopped. And the residents of the frontline areas were left without help. To repair or replace the engine, we need 60-70 thousand hryvnias (about $1600-1890 US dollars).

Friends, we urgently need your help!

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