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A Christmas miracle for Victoria

December 27, 2023, 20:00 81 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua They bought a coagulometer for the girl.

A Christmas miracle for Victoria

Recently, Victoria underwent cardiac surgery to replace her mitral valve. Now, she requires ongoing anticoagulant therapy—medications that impede the blood clotting process to prevent the formation of blood clots. It is crucial to carefully determine the dosage of the medication, as an insufficient concentration poses a risk of blood clots, while an excessive concentration may lead to bleeding.

To monitor blood parameters and fine-tune the medication dosage, a portable coagulometer is employed. Victoria's parents were unable to purchase it themselves, so they reached out to us for assistance.

Thanks to your support, we were able to acquire a coagulometer for Vika at a cost of 20,000 hryvnias (530 US dollars). This device ensures continuous monitoring of the girl's health. We sincerely appreciate your donations, which enable us to provide prompt assistance!

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