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Information for non-Ukrainians wishing to help or adopt an orphan from Ukraine

June 25, 2029, 0:00 51215 Author: Albert Pavlov www.deti.zp.ua If you wish to help a child from the orphans' personal pages, please read this information.

Dear visitors to our website!

If you would like to help or adopt a child profiled on one of the personal pages, you need to know the information below:

1. We are not an adoption agency and can't help foreigners adopt child from Ukraine. To be a middleman in the adoption process is forbidden by Ukrainian law. So if you are interested in adopting a particular child, you must first call or write to the Department of Adoption in Kiev (SDAPRC)

State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child

Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports

14 Desiatinna Street

Kyiv 01025 Ukraine

Americans can also look to the http://ukraine.usembassy.gov/adoption.html website for current information on adoption from Ukraine. You may also read our articles about adoption from Ukraine.

2. We have NO INFORMATION as to whether a particular child is available for local or international adoption.

3. . If you would like just to befriend a child, you can send letters to him/her via e-mail or using regular mail. For further info please contact the website administrator: detizp@mail.ru (Albert) or call in English +3 8 066 513 34 35.

You can also help the entire group to which this child belongs (usually 6-12 children) by sponsoring interesting trips for the group, providing for the children’s education, or giving support to the group’s material needs.

4. If you live in USA or Canada and would like to host an older child, we advise you to contact Frontier Horizon or any other organization that hosts orphans during the holidays. Frontier Horizon is a humanitarian aid organization that uses the hosting program to develop awareness of the children’s needs. They do not facilitate adoptions. However, hosting a child may help families determine if they are ready for the adoption experience.

5. You may decide to help the entire orphanage where a particular child lives. (We encourage this.)

6. Our personal position regarding international adoption: it's far easier for an orphan to adapt to life in a Ukrainian family than to life in a different country and culture. So, in the case where both a Ukrainian and a non-Ukrainian family want to adopt the same child, priority should normally be given to the Ukrainian family. But the major factor to be taken into account is the family’s capacity to care for and love the child. We think that love has no borders.

We stress the view that orphans need to live in families, not in orphanages. In Ukraine there are several types of family care available—adoption, tutorship, foster care, hosting on weekends, and a children's village. For non-Ukrainians, by contrast, only adoption and hosting are possible.

We have collected a number of articles and books on the subject of care for orphans (in Russian and English). We also discuss international adoption on our website.

We are in the process of establishing a new initiative for regional and national newspapers and over the Internet called "Where are you, parents?" The purpose of this initiative is to increase the chances that teenage and special-needs orphans will be adopted in Ukraine. This project will involve a significant amount of time and effort to establish connections with government agencies and newspapers and to publish and update information on the children and their new families. We already know that a similar project was very successful in Russia and helped many Russian orphans find new families.

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Polina Belogurova

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