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Executive Director of the Happy Child Fundation: Leonid Lobanok

To do charity is to give a friend, absolutely unknown person or any creature with whom you live on the same planet, help, joy, care or any other happiness.

Leonid Lobanok

Leonid works in the fund since 2017. Prior to that, since 2007, as the owner of two pharmacies, he helped provide the fund's needs with medicines, and volunteered.

“There are several lines of activity in our foundation. The medical department deals with helping sick children. This is communication with parents and preparation of applications for collecting assistance, as well as the purchase of equipment for medical institutions. The second, no less important direction is the family arrangement of children. The quality of life of children living in boarding schools is not comparable to the life to which people in families are accustomed. Therefore, we try to get as many children as possible from child care institutions into families. In addition, parents who have adopted a child need legal and psychological assistance - we are also doing this. The project "Children's Village", which our president Albert Pavlov is engaged in, has something in common with the family arrangement. At the moment, with the help of the fund, 5 houses have been built in the Zaporozhye region, in which foster families live.

"Doing charity means giving to a friend, absolutely unknown person or to any creature with whom you live on the same planet, help, joy, care or any other happiness."

Whatever the motive of the benefactor - in any case, he gets joy from the fact that he made someone happier. Even if it was done anonymously. "

Happy Child foundation - effective help to the most needy children of the Zaporozhye region, Ukraine, since 2004

They need help:
Bohdan Dubina
Bohdan Dubina

3rd degree deafness, Down syndrome

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Ivan Babich
Ivan Babich

Sensorineural deafness ІV degree

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Yaroslav Kopiyko
Yaroslav Kopiyko

Cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis

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Our expenses in 2023
To 117 sick children $79 641
Medical equipment: $2 475
Humanitarian help: $126 749
To disabled children: $130 284
To children's village: $13 496
To orphans and poor children: $14 882
"Helpus" - help to adults: $21 885
Service expenses: $40 101
Total sum of expenses: $435 387

$6 734 635

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