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Andryusha K., an orphan that survived cancer needs a loving family

November 21, 2007, 0:17 5711 Author: Albert Pavlov (translated from Russian by Natalia Guzenko) www.deti.zp.ua Andryusha K., has a family now

Andryusha lives with his new family abroad now. We wish him all the best!

These days 4-y.o. Andryusha (Andrey) K., finished the course of treatment of lymphogranuloma (the tumor of lymphatic system) and got discharged from hospital of Cancer Haemotology of Zaporozhye. This is a happy event for every child. But for Andrew it is also somewhat sad, because he has to return not to his own home, but to the orphanage. During all the course of the treatment there was neither the mother nor the father near the boy. Andrey K., is a social orphan. The nurse and the parents of neighboring kids were instead of the parents for the child. Andryusha also has an older brother, Sergey, 6 y.o. that also lives in the orphanage.

Andryusha was brought to the hospital in January 2007 with a huge tumor on his neck. The little boy behaved like a wolf – no one could make him eat anything, at any requests he was sticking two fingers up at the people and shouting “Nah! Nah! Nah!”. The long-lasting medical observe showed that the kid had lymphogranuloma, stadium 2. All cancer diagnosis are horrible, but thanks God, this child’s diagnosis allowed us to hope for best – for the healing at this stadium is possible in the 90-95% cases of all the kids with such diseases. Thanks to the sponsors’ help we paid for the tomography and all the medicine, and the nurse was taking care of Andrey for 3 months. The boy got more easy-going, his speech became more developed and the tumor on his neck disappeared completely. After finishing the chemical treatment and the X-ray therapy the computer tomography showed that the child is at the state of remission.

And this means that there is no more sense to stay at the hospital. On Monday the boy was taken to Mirnensky orphanage that is near Melitopol. All the department of the hospital came to say good bye to Andrey, the doctors and moms had tears on their eyes. Everyone understands that it’s next to impossible to perform the good care for the invalid child. Who will watch him avoid the sunlight? Who will give him well-nourished food? Who will treat him and watch him not catch any of the diseases that are very bad for the weak child’s health? And how will such rapid change of the life influence child’s psychological condition? For it’s known that the bad psychological condition basically decreases the immunity rate, and this may cause the treatment failure.

We, Zaporozhye volunteers, are not going to leave Andrey with his fate. That’s exactly why we publish this quite unusual appeal at our site. We are not asking for the donations for treatment. We have much more important task now – we hope to find people who can love Andrey and his brother, who would not be afraid of the difficulties in bringing up these children and accept them into the family.

Andrey’s and Sergey’s mother was recently deprived of the parental rights. So in the nearest future any kind of family acceptance will be possible – adoption, tutorage, foster family or acceptance to the children orphanage of the family type.

We appeal to those who care about these kids’ fate, we ask them to get into touch with us for having any additional information:

Albert Pavlov – volunteer from Zaporozhye +3 8 066 513 34 35, detizp@mail.ru

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