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Zaporozhye regional specialized children's home "Solnyshko"

December 17, 2018, 17:00 41823 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua Orphanage "Solnyshko" is the only medical institution in the Zaporozhye region for young children deprived of parental care or in difficult life circumstances. By the way, this is the largest Children's Home in Ukraine.

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Most of Solnyshka's pupils are children with special needs who need qualified social and medical assistance and rehabilitation. And the need for this help does not depend on the presence of a diagnosis - after all, left without the care and attention of parents, they have already received psychological trauma. The task of the large team of educators, doctors, nannies, teachers and psychologists "Solnyshka" is to provide the kids with a full life.

Today the Zaporizhzhya Children's Home is a modern specialized institution with a rich database of proven innovative programs and methods, a friendly team of experienced specialists.

Structure of the Orphanage

Zaporizhzhya regional specialized (neuropsychiatric) orphanage "Solnyshko" has been operating since 1980. The institution has at its disposal 2 main buildings with a huge walking area of 2 hectares. From 2021 to the present day is Filipskaya Lilia Ivanovna has been the chief physician of Solnyshka.

The orphanage is designed for 305 beds. The average annual number of pupils is about 280 children. Today, 248 children live in the boarding school, of which 125 are deprived of parental care, 112 parental and 11 children are in the day hospital. The following works in "Solnyshka":

- 9 children's groups of mixed type;

- 2 groups for children with physical and mental disabilities,

- 2 groups for palliative sick children;

- 2 groups of day care for children with inclusive education;

- 1 group for HIV-carriers;

Category and age of orphanage children

Children of different categories can be in the "Sun":

- Orphans and children deprived of parental care;

- Children from crisis families of social risk;

- Children with special needs.

The wards of the Children's Home are children from birth (in fact, from 2 months) to 7 years. There are 2 forms of stay: round-the-clock (for orphans or deprived of parental care) and daytime (for families who find themselves in difficult life circumstances and temporarily placed their children in the "Sun").

For the placement of children in a day stay group, parents need apply. In addition to the application, you will also need other documents.

In particular, for placement in a group of medical and social rehabilitation, it is necessary to conclude an internal psychological, medical and pedagogical consultation at the Solnyshko Children's Home. For the placement of children from families in crisis, the obligatory approval of the Children's Affairs Service will be required.

The multidisciplinary team of the House "Solnyshko", consisting of multidisciplinary specialists, provides medical and social support for each child according to his needs and diagnosis, if any.

The main tasks of the orphanage

Orphanage "Solnyshko" provides medical and social rehabilitation of children who find themselves in difficult life situations.

Main goals:

1. Medical, pedagogical and correctional work with children;

2. Medical and social protection and rehabilitation of children;

3. Creation of comfortable and favorable living conditions for children, as close to home as possible.

4. Provision of qualified medical care, health improvement of children;

5. Development, upbringing and education of children according to the age qualification.

6. Social adaptation, protection of the interests and rights of children;

The institution employs highly qualified doctors, rehabilitation therapists, psychologists and teachers.

Children with special needs

It is no secret that children with special needs are one of the most difficult categories that need constant attention and require a special, comprehensive approach from multidisciplinary specialists.

Orphanage "Solnyshko" has been specializing in the treatment, rehabilitation and correction of just such "special children" for several years already. There is no need to list the diagnoses of their pupils, the main thing is to tell about the successes and achievements in this area.

In "Solnyshka" there is a specialized department for the complex rehabilitation of children in the early stages of development. The daily work of specialists, the constant introduction of innovative methods gives tangible positive results.

Children can be in the department both around the clock and in a daytime group. In addition, for parents raising children with special needs, there is a unique opportunity to attend separate rehabilitation classes in the "Solnyshka". After all, not every family has the opportunity to purchase specialized equipment or teaching materials.

In 2017, a group was opened for palliative sick children with severe, incurable diseases. The main task of the staff is to improve the quality of life of the child, to provide the necessary comprehensive assistance.

Innovative techniques and programs

The employees of the Children's Home do not stop at the achieved results and are constantly mastering new, progressive methods that allow improving the processes of rehabilitation, correction and adaptation.

There are several key areas in the work of "The Sun", which have been successfully mastered and have a positive dynamic in working with children of any category:

- Art therapy classes include a variety of exercises and techniques, including music therapy, color therapy, dramatized games, classes with sand, water, the introduction of the Montessori pedagogical system and other progressive methods.

- Sensory integration is carried out when working with children in specially equipped sensory rooms and so-called "sensory dens". This technique affects the human sensory system, his senses. The Children's Home has 2 sensory rooms, where a practical psychologist conducts individual lessons with children.

- Kanistherapy - treatment and rehabilitation of children with the help of specially trained dogs. This auxiliary psychotherapeutic technique helps children develop emotional, intellectual, communicative, cognitive abilities, and motor functions.

- The inclusive site is equipped in a wooden arbor specially built for this purpose, containing a number of rehabilitation devices and is an effective site for neurodevelopmental therapy.

In the process of training with children, the employees of "Solnyshka" provide not only social, medical and psychological assistance - they teach children to use all skills and abilities in everyday life, thereby adapting children to the upcoming social life.

Future re-profiling of the Orphanage

According to the National Strategy for the Prevention of Orphanhood, approved in 2012, the Solnyshko Children's Home has set a course for new changes. The institution is preparing for a complete re-profiling. So, by 2020, it is planned to open a Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Palliative Care for Children with an early intervention service at the Sun base.

Help from the Happy Child Charitable Foundation

The Charitable Foundation "Happy Child" has been closely cooperating with "Solnyshko" for several years now, rendering all possible assistance to its pupils. Every month, the employees of the Foundation with the support of American partners - the Foundation «Maya's Hope» - purchase additional baby food (including special food Nestle, Peptamen, Resource Junior, Nestle lactose-free), vitamins, consumables (wet and dry wipes, toilet paper, ear sticks, nipples for bottles, etc.).

The needs of the orphanage

Also in "Solnyshka" there are regular needs for medicines and examinations for children. Thanks to donations from sympathetic people, the Happy Child Foundation is always ready to help. Sometimes we pay for the cost of MRI and laboratory diagnostics. And it also happens that a child urgently needs treatment at the regional children's hospital. That is why we have opened a constant fundraising for these needs. Make a transfer with the note "for the Children's Home" Sun "" you can in any comfortable way.

Contact details:

Address: 69104, Ukraine, Zaporozhye, st. Olympic, 6a

E-mail: sonechko.domrebenka@i.ua

Website: sonechko.zp.ua and Facebook

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