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Small achievements of Misha Zavorotny

June 24, 2021, 15:55 174 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua The boy needs classes with specialists like air.

Misha Zavorotny

Two years ago Misha “went into himself”. The smile disappeared from his sweet face, the sounds and babbling disappeared. Endless tantrums and brutal appetite seized the boy. These were the first signs of autism.

Later Misha stopped responding to his name, coordination when walking was disturbed, up to sudden falls. The kid plunged deeper and deeper into his world, closed from strangers. It was possible to stop this process with the help of a special rehabilitation program for children with autism.

Since January of this year, Misha has been periodically engaged in specialized centers. He learns to control his mood and emotions, and learns basic self-care skills. Classes are not easy. Misha tries to evade and cheat, but experts force the "little manipulator" to work. And there are results! For three kilometers already, Misha has been walking on his own, without falling or almost stumbling. The kid goes up and down the stairs without the support of his parents, and most importantly, he responds to his name.

Misha Zavorotny

Thanks to your help, we have already been able to pay for the boy's treatment twice, in the amount of about 8000 hryvnia.

In order not to lose the achieved results, Misha needs constant rehabilitation. Please support the boy!

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