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Children's tourist "Clew" conquers the peaks again

August 15, 2021, 10:45 497 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua During the campaign on August 4-12, 2021, 22 children conquered Hoverla and walked through the most interesting places of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Children's tourist “Clew”

After a hiatus caused by the pandemic, our children's tourist "Clew" resumed work.

22 children and 5 adults made a fascinating and rather difficult hike along the highest mountain range of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Montenegrin. Children from the Zaporozhye region, as well as representatives of Kiev, Kharkov and the Dnieper, on the first day of the hike ascended the highest peak of Ukraine - Mount Hoverla. The ascent was very difficult - it was constantly drizzling rain, and the strong wind knocked down those who attempted to climb in front of us. But we took a risk, and at the moment of the decisive dash to the top, the wind weakened. Most of the group climbed to the top!

Descent from Hoverla was an even more difficult challenge than climbing, especially considering that most of the children were on a mountain hike for the first time.

Fortunately, the next day the weather improved, and the group began to climb with backpacks to Lake Nesamovytom. We spent the night almost in front of the lake, and on the third day we continued our ascent. Passing the famous lake, we climbed the Montenegrin ridge. From here a beautiful view opens up to all the highest peaks of the ridge, as well as to Pop Ivan Marmaros and the Romanian Carpathians that follow. Passing the mountains of Rebra and Gutin Tomnatik, we went down to the alpine lake Brebeneskul. I must say that the steep descent with laden backpacks of the weary group was a serious test. Nearly reaching the planned camp downstream of the Brebeneskul River, we had to set up camp in the first clearing we came across.

The next morning we were grieved by the rain, which prevented us from preparing a hot breakfast and called into question our descent along the river. Fortunately, the spirits of the mountains heard our prayers, and soon the weather improved. We began to descend along the most beautiful, almost deserted valley of the Brebeneskul River. Admiring the views, we walked along the marked route, unaware of the difficulties impending on us.

Gradually, our path became more and more difficult - talus, fallen trees, stones lying along the way slowed down the group and took away strength. But the yellow route markers on the trees instilled confidence that we were on the right track. And suddenly - the marks end, and before us opens the view of the river bed, littered with broken trees mixed with huge boulders. The path along the river becomes practically impassable, our speed decreases to 1 km per hour or less, we have to periodically cross the river, build bridges of stones, etc. At the same time, everyone is tired, and there is no suitable parking space nearby. Fortunately, we met two local residents who explained that 2 months ago there was a flood with mudflows in this place, which washed away the trees with route marks and made the path impassable. The only way out is to climb out of the gorge up to the Cliff's parking lot. This is 3 km of track and a climb of more than 300 m.

With the last of our strength, we made this decisive dash from the gorge, and before sunset we reached the site of the Cliff. And here we were rewarded in the form of an excellent wooden hut and a well-equipped parking place, as well as a treat - barbecue from local residents who had a rest here.

After a hearty supper, it seemed that our adventures were over, and only tomorrow's unhurried descent to the village of Ust-Goverla awaits us. But at 1 am the adventure continued - two girls felt nauseous, then they started vomiting. The pills they'd taken didn't help much.

By the morning, vomiting and nausea were observed in 3-4 children, most likely the reason was overwork and the absence of a hot breakfast on the previous day, as well as overeating and heavy food in the evening. Another 2 participants had general weakness and leg problems.

As a result, in the morning the leader of the group called the rescuers and tried to get the phone numbers of the “mountain taxi” from them in order to deliver several of the weaker participants down to the village. The rescuers decided to come themselves. Rescuers drove the sick and several other people with backpacks in a jeep down to the village of Hoverla (on the outskirts of the village of Luga). There they settled in a local hotel, took a shower, rested and soon felt much better.

The rest of the group went down to the village a few hours later. Tired but happy, the members visited the store and camped right in the clearing by the school.

The next day certainly did not foreshadowed adventure - we had to take a bus from Lugi to Ivano-Frankivsk. We ordered a bus with a large margin of time, but the driver managed to mix up the route and was 2.5 hours late. In addition, several people on the bus vomited again and we had to stop. As a result, we arrived at the Ivano-Frankivsk station 17 minutes before the train left. With great difficulty, the leader of the group managed to buy bread and other food products from a nearby store for food on the train.

As you know, there are no restaurants on the trains of Ukrzaliznitsa, and if you did not take food with you on the train, then get ready to spend 24 hours on the way on waffles and tea, or go hungry. There is no normal food on the trains, there is no restaurant car, and there are long stops only at stations where it is impossible to buy anything. At one of these stations, we, together with a guide, knocked apples from nearby trees with a mop in order to at least add at least some normal product to our diet.

Fortunately, this railway saga has come to an end, and already at the Zaporozhye-1 station our group is met by bored and happy parents. By the way, by the time of arrival, everyone had recovered and felt good!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our friends-helpers, thanks to whom 5 children from low-income large families were able to take part in the hike completely free of charge - Roman from Zaporozhye and Alex from Hawaii (USA).

We also thank Marina U., Victoria A., Elena P., Tatiana, Anya Shch., Tatiana Y., Julia G., who donated funds for organizing the trip and purchasing equipment. Now in the Clew has 4 new tents, a new bowler hat, 3 Junior sleeping bags and other useful tourist items.

We thank the pediatrician Ksenia O. who was a participant in the hike, as well as a participant in the hike Anna from Kiev for her help in working with children.

"Clew" continues to develop and plans interesting tourist activities for children. We have full equipment for a tourist group for 25 people, and we need tourist guides and volunteers who can help organize educational activities for children (long or weekend hikes, tour rallies, campgrounds, quests). Write, call +38 093 266 34 21 (Viber)

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