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What should families with children who find themselves in the occupied territory do?

May 8, 2022, 19:55 301 Author: Albert Pavlov deti.zp.ua The occupied territories of Ukraine are close to a humanitarian catastrophe. The Happy Child Foundation is ready to help them.

Что делать семьям с детьми, оказавшимся на оккупированной территории?

The flow of requests to Happy Child Fund from families in the occupied territory is growing. For example, families with many children, which even before the war barely made ends meet, are now on the verge of survival. Many have lost their jobs, while prices have risen significantly. There are difficulties with the use of money on the cards of Ukrainian banks. Most shops and pharmacies sell goods only for cash, there are no ATMs in the villages, and cashing out costs 7-10% of the amount. In addition, many pensioners have not received pensions for more than 2 months (those who received through Ukrposhta). Many goods, including medicines, became scarce. Schools and kindergartens do not work. The occupiers periodically arrange searches in the homes of residents. Through the efforts of the "asvabadites" all the conditions for a humanitarian catastrophe have been created.

We try to consider each appeal and provide at least one-time assistance. We hope that the occupied territories will be liberated as soon as possible. But we do not know how long the occupation will last. And the fund's resources are not enough to support many families for a long time.

Therefore, we recommend that everyone who has the opportunity to should be evacuated. Do not wait for the moment when a shell will fly into your house, or the orcs will force you and your children to live by new rules! Do not wait for the moment when the situation is so aggravated that you and your children will have nothing to eat, and in case of illness they will have nowhere and nothing to treat! Do not wait for the situation when you will be forced to ask for humanitarian aid from the occupiers! Do not create additional problems for ZSU when they come to liberate the territory!

We are ready to provide all possible assistance to pay for travel in Zaporozhye, primarily for large families, single mothers, families with people with disabilities. Upon arrival in Zaporozhye, we are ready to support you in finding housing either on your way further to the Western regions of Ukraine or abroad (since the whole world now supports Ukraine, and in the EU countries refugees receive support for food and rental housing).

We also appeal to caring people from all over the world with a request to support Ukrainian families in a difficult situation. You can help with donations (for example, on PayPal: albert@deti.zp.ua), you can support a specific family (we will provide contacts). You can help in accommodating refugees abroad or in the western regions of Ukraine.

Please contact: +38 093 266 34 21 (viber, whatsapp) or the fund staff.

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