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Marianna Zhmurina

September 9, 2022, 10:20 97 Author: Яна Лобанок deti.zp.ua Timely treatment protects the girl from complications.

Marianna Zhmurina

Marianna Zhmurina, 29.07.2013 birthday

Diagnosis: Bronchial asthma II degree. Allergic rhinitis. Sinusitis.

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Four years ago, Marianna's family left Makeevka and settled in Zaporozhye. Already here, in a new place, the girl had the first signs of allergies, and later - bronchial asthma. This disease is incurable, but its course and symptoms can be controlled with medication. In Marianne's case, it is a mixture of house dust mite allergens to be taken every five months.

Before the war, Marianna's family treated their daughter on their own. But with the arrival of the occupiers on our land, the lives of many Ukrainian families have changed. The girl's parents lost their jobs and were left almost without a livelihood.

Marianna Zhmurina

We responded to a request for help and bought medicine for Marianna in August. Now the disease will not prevent the girl from continuing to keep up with everything: dancing, studying at a music school and a gymnasium.

Marianne needs to be treated for at least two years. And she will need the next pack of allergens in four months. Therefore, we are opening a collection of 272$ for the purchase of this drug.

Let's keep Marianne healthy and protect her from the complications of her illness.

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