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January 10, 2023, 21:45 180 Author: Natalia Moroz deti.zp.ua We continue to support the Babich family, immigrants from the Luhansk region, who have been living in Zaporizhzhia since 2014.

We continue to support the Babich family


January 5 is a holiday in the Babich family! Twins Ivan and Polinka have a birthday! In 2014 the family came to Zaporizhzhia, fleeing the war in the Luhansk region. Already here, in Zaporizhzhia, Ivan and Polinka were born eight years ago. The foundation has been supporting the family almost since their birth. Premature children have many health problems from an early age and need constant care physical therapy courses, massage, classes with a correctional teacher and a speech therapist. Vanya has to do more. His main diagnosis is sensorineural deafness. Thanks to the installed cochlear implant, the boy is able to communicate with the outside world. Tetyana Babich's mother shares news: "Now Ivan attends the 1st grade of the Zherelo boarding school. Training is given to him very difficult, the development of speech is very slow.But we are constantly engaged both at home and in center. We also visit a private speech therapist twice a week. In October, Ivan and I went to of Kyiv on replace the speech process of a cochlear implant. It needs to be replaced every 5 years according to the state program. This processor is a newer model, it has two microphones. So, we immediately noticed that Ivan began to respond better to sounds and spoken language".

We continue to support the Babich family

We continue to support the Babich family

We continue to support the Babich family

Vanyusha loves to make applications, cut out, glue. Very recently, he began to master the computer. Using some useful games, learns geometric shapes, independently drags the shape into the required cell with the mouse. Ivan also likes the educational games "Family Animals" and "Colors". Polina attends the 2nd grade of the "Zherelo" specialized institution, and also attends an art school. Due to the fact that she does not pronounce some letters well, the girl has to work with a speech therapist twice a week. Also, when the family has the opportunity, together with his brother, he takes massage and physical therapy courses.

We continue to support the Babich family

We continue to support the Babich family

We continue to support the Babich family

Unfortunately, due to the war, the enterprise where the father of the family worked is almost closed. Therefore, the family is asking for help paying for at least two rehabilitation courses at the Zaporizhia rehabilitation center in 2023. The first classes will start already in January.

The cost of one course is 761 $.

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