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The director of the Kamiansko-Dniprovsk boarding school in the Zaporozhye region went to collaborate with the racist occupiers

February 10, 2023, 22:25 501 061.ua

Zaporozhye regional council deputy Nina Gurska, who cooperated with the russian occupiers, was expelled from the deputy corps. The traitor was recalled by the political party of Volodymyr Buryak "Unity", from which Gurska went to the regional council

Back in September 2022, at the Main Council of the "Unity" party, it was decided to recall MP Nina Gurska on a people's initiative. On January 27, 2023, by resolution of the Zaporozhye Regional Territorial Election Commission, Gurska was excluded from the composition of the deputy corps.

The next candidate for regional council deputy from the "Unity" party in territorial electoral district No. 1 is Bohdan Serhiyovych Pshygotskyi, who will receive the deputy mandate instead of Gurska. Bohdan Psygotsky, born in 1995, is the head of the Department of Journalism and Ukrainian Philology at the Classical Private University.

Nina Gurska

Gurska, who headed the communal institution "Kamensko-Dniprosk general educational sanatorium-boarding school", after the occupation of the city by the troops of the russian federation, accepted the enemy's offer of cooperation and implemented russian standards of education in the educational institution.

The members of theZaporozhye Regional Council remain traitor deputies Evgen Balytskyi and Mykola Pastushenko. But on the website of the regional council, their portraits were marked with appropriate markings.

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