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Alina Kopot

March 28, 2023, 22:20 346 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua Fundraising stopped! Funds for hearing aids have been collected. Thank you, friends!

Alina Kopot

Alina Kopot, 09/06/2007 year of birth

Diagnosis: bilateral sensorineural hearing loss III-IV degree

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ВATTENTION! AS OF 04/10/2023: Fundraising stopped! Funds for hearing aids have been collected. Thank you, friends!

Alina's life rests on two pillars. The first support is a mother who protects and helps. The second is hearing aids that connect the girl with the outside world.

At two years old, Alina was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss and put on her first hearing aids. Subsequently, another diagnosis was added related to mental and behavioral disorders. The girl develops at her own pace, understands the world around her in her own way and can only pronounce individual words.

Now Alina is fifteen. She goes to a school for the hearing impaired, and her teacher comes to her house three times a week. Alina diligently completes assignments and knows how to write. She also draws well, likes to collect puzzles and listen to music.

Alina Kopot

Alina knows that only hearing aids bring her world to life. In the morning, she immediately shows her mother the devices and asks her to put them on. And when they need to be removed during an examination by an audiologist, horror and confusion appear in the eyes. Because hearing aids for Alina is to hear and understand her mother, teacher and others. This is a feeling of stability and security, a full connection with the world.

Alina's hearing aids are over six years old, they have been repaired several times, and now they are working intermittently again. So it's time to buy new ones, the cost of which is 1 681 $. For a small family, where only mom and Alina, this amount is fantastic. Friends, we ask for your help to buy hearing aids. Help Alina not to lose touch with the outside world, not to lose a sense of security and a fulfilling life.

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Bilateral sensorineural deafness of the III degree

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