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May 25, 2023, 22:35 153 Author: Yana Lobanok deti.zp.ua Rehabilitation and genetic testing are scheduled for August.

Rehabilitation and genetic testing are scheduled for August

In March of this year, we introduced you to Artem Fedko. Due to premature birth, the boy has cerebral palsy. Another problem of Artem is vomiting syndrome of unknown etiology. Therefore, the boy has a gastrostomy tube in his stomach, a special tube through which food enters the stomach directly. The stoma must be changed periodically.

Together with you, we bought Artem a new gastrostomy with a button - more convenient and practical. It was recently installed in the regional children's hospital. Now the inquisitive kid will not pull the long tube and put himself in danger. Artem also started attending classes aimed at mental and physical development. The boy really likes it there, because the lessons are played in the form of a game.

In August, Artem will undergo an intensive rehabilitation course in the city of Kyiv, as well as a genetic study to identify the cause of the vomiting syndrome. After buying a gastrostomy for $ 352, the remaining donation for the boy is a little more than $ 623. Another $ 867 are needed to help parents cover these needs.

Please join in helping the baby. Artemka is waiting for her magicians!

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