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Yaroslav Kopiyko

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Yaroslav Kopiyko

Yaroslav Kopiyko, 04.09.2008 the year of birth

Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis.

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ATTENTION! AS OF 02/29/2024: Funds for rehabilitation have been collected! Thank you very much!

His parents waited a long time for Yaroslav to appear. And so he appeared - so desirable and so... tiny, weighing a little more than a kilogram. The boy was born prematurely and was immediately admitted to intensive care. He underwent heart surgery at one and a half months old. After that he started to breathe on his own. It was the first victory!

Premature birth left negative consequences. At the age of one year, Yaroslav was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The boy developed slowly, but step by step he mastered new skills. At four months he began to hold his head, at eight he learned to roll over, and at two he learned to crawl. Medicinal and rehabilitation treatment helped to move forward.

Yaroslav Kopiyko

However, there were constant obstacles in the way of achievements. At the age of three, Yaroslav began to have seizures, so anticonvulsant therapy was added. A little later, congenital dysplasia of the hip joint began to progress. By the age of 10, the boy's left leg became shorter by 7 cm. Due to constant pain, he could not sit for a long time, let alone stand. Therefore, a complex orthopedic operation was performed with cutting of tendons and installation of an implant.

Now Yaroslav is 14. He studies in an inclusive class, likes to paint and listen to fairy tales. After the operation, the boy has to learn to stand and take his first steps again. To master these skills, as well as to move confidently in a walker, rehabilitation with specialists is required. The next treatment course is scheduled for October, its cost is $ 460. Friends, let's help Yaroslav become more mobile together. This is so important - instead of sitting in a wheelchair around the clock, to be able to walk!

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