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Children's Village expands borders; it’s time to build Happy Home #6

July 1, 2018, 17:00 2618 Author: Yulia Pavlova www.deti.zp.ua 8 orphans including with disabilities will receive loving parents and a beautiful home, but we need help with this project

Preliminary conception of the house

News about creation of the home

Report on donations and disbursements

Life in our Children's Village takes its course. Children grow up, becoming more confident and independent. Teenagers enroll in post-secondary schools and move away. A family leaves the project; another joins it.

Because we were able to articulate clearly the purpose and objectives of this project, and detail the requirements for participants, the process of selecting families has been substantially optimized. Our dream for the Children's Village is to have happy families bring up former orphans in love, giving them the chance to become happy people. It’s an ambitious but feasible goal. Since 2010, we have remodeled and opened five Happy Homes. Happy Home #1 in Kalinovka appears in the BBC documentary The Forgotten Children of Ukraine as a superior alternative to the institutionalization of disabled people.

We see that our project resonates in the hearts of current and hopeful adoptive parents. Hundreds of orphans are institutionalized in boarding schools in Zaporizka Oblast (province) who dream of a family, including dozens of children with disability who are unlikely to be adopted.

Happy Home #6 will be in the small village Ukrainka in the Mykhailivskiy Raion (district) of Zaporizka very near to Happy Homes #3 and #4. This neighborhood with other family-type homes allows pooling resources (transportation, garden tiller, tools, swimming pool, trampoline, playground), ensures that children always have good company, and enables the families support one another.

This home will be smaller than the central home, but with the similar use of energy-saving technologies. It will house a family with 7-8 children including any biological children and some with disabilities.

Project implementation plan

Here everything is fairly simple. We already have experience in building small houses for former orphans and a team of skilled tradesmen. We can build quality, comfortable, and energy-efficient houses for family-type children's homes, using resources efficiently.

In the near future, we need to pay for architectural plans for the project, excavate for the foundation, purchase and lay the foundation blocks, and proceed with construction. We have prepared a detailed calculation of the costs of construction.

Everyone can support the construction of a home for orphans. Here are some ways to help:

1.Transfer (through PayPal or bank transfer) any amount of money comfortable for you, specifying “donation to Happy Home #6” or “Children’s Village” as the purpose.

2. Provide construction materials, furniture, appliances, equipment, and so forth.

3. Deliver materials.

4. Join with us as a volunteer builder.

5. Advertise this project: repost on a social media or publish in mass media.

6. Place in a shop, drugstore, bank, office, etc., a box to collect donations for this project, or to display an information poster.

7. Wish us well for a successful realization of the goal we have conceived.

As always, we provide full reporting on all donations.

It is our pleasure to answer all your questions!


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