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The Berdyansk Municipal Children’s Hospital and Maternity Home

February 21, 2011, 18:00 5551 Author: Irina Anatolievna Kotliar, translated by Daria Sukach The Berdyansk Municipal Hospital has been providing medicoprophylactic help as well as medical services to Berdyansk residents for sixty years already. The patients of the hospital are women and children under 18 years old.

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General Hospital information

Our greatest joy is that our work is well worth the effort! Our medical staff members help you, dear ladies, young mothers and your children to stay in the best of health.

Our achievements are certainly something to be proud of!

On July 13th the Ministry of Public Health in Ukraine awarded us the title of “The kind Children’s Hospital”. At the initiative of the World Health Organization and United Nations Children’s Fund this honorary title is awarded to hospitals where a woman has an opportunity to breastfeed her newborn miracle right away after delivery, and comfort and warm up her baby with the warmth of her own body, as well as to keep the baby by her side.

Thanks to our mutual efforts, the women of Berdyansk enjoy the great opportunity to give birth in individual wards. Additionally, young mothers enjoy breastfeeding their babies as well as keeping them by their side. A young mom can breastfeed her baby anywhere she wants. Nowadays more than 60% of young mothers breastfeed their babies for more than 6 months, which means that infants have a greater chance to be physically and spiritually healthy!

Our hospital always introduces new technologies of preventive measures and methods of treatment for various illnesses of women and children. The hospital also offers new alternative, and non-drug cure methods.

Thanks to the support of the Regional administration and local government as well as our donors the intensive care unit of our hospital has got new medical equipment, diagnostic complex and medicine.

We are deeply grateful to everyone who helps us solve our problems and make their charity donations. Without your everyday support we cannot achieve much.

The hospital is situated in three separate buildings: The child health center, the children’s in-patient department and the maternity home.

The fundamental goals and objectives of our hospital:

- Providing the Berdyansk residents (women and children under 18 years old) with the medicoprophylactic help as well as medical services according to the demands of the appropriate regulatory, legislative standards aimed at preserving and improving health;

- Providing the women and children of Berdyansk with medical services by means of qualified emergency, routine, ambulatory, surgical, diagnostic, pediatric and therapeutic help.

The Hospital structure

The Child Health Care Center

There is a medical-social help room in the Child Health Care Center called “The friendly youth clinic”. Besides skilled pediatricians, the clinic gives teenagers an opportunity to get an anonymous piece of advice from physiologists, gynecologists and lawyers.

The Child Health Care Center carries out some complex steps aimed at effective treatment and preventive measures. The leader among different treatment measures is no-drug care methods which include:

1) Aromatherapy – treatment based on biological essential oils. The selection of various herbal compositions gives patients a relaxing or stimulating effect. A variety and a broad-spectrum of influence will satisfy any need.

2) Singlet oxygen therapy – has a positive effect on the immune system and thus, improves the functions of all organ systems. This therapy is applied to the treatment of many illnesses and as well as to preventive and health improving measures.

3) There is an artificial climate room in the physiotherapy department. The special equipment reproduces the microclimate of Solotvino salt mines. This salt therapy treats nonspecific respiratory conditions and ear, nose, throat disorders. And what’s more, it helps patients decrease allergic reactions and active the immune system.

4) The treatment and rehabilitation of the locomotive system disorders. Evminov's prophylactor method helps prevent and get rid of spinal diseases such as posture disorders and habit scoliosis.

5) Massage services.

6) Staying in advanced comfort wards.

7) Diagnostic ultrasound is done with the multifunctional high-class device which provides patients with such types of examination as:


-Urogenital system;

-Pregnancy assessments;

-Gynecological disorders;

-Mammary glands disorders (Breast disorders);

-Thyroid disorders.

8) Medical consultation.

9) Baby carriage room.

10) Cosmetic services:

- Removal of warts and papilloma;

- Acne removal;

- Removal of molluscum contagiosum;

- Piercing.

The Day Hospital

The Day Hospital Department is aimed at providing outpatient treatment-diagnostic help for children of different age groups: infants, preschool, school children, and teenagers. The Day Hospital Department is situated on the second floor in a two-story building of the Children’s Hospital.

The checkup mostly takes place in the Day Hospital. This is comfortable and convenient as there are ultrasound scanning, functional diagnostic and clinical rooms as well as biochemical laboratories.

Nowadays, along with industrialization, automation, urbanization and the environmental pollution combined with nervous system overstrain and hypodynamia (chronic fatigue syndrome) such natural and reformatting physical factors play a great role in rehabilitation and medical treatment. Interest in using these physical factors in the treatment and rehabilitation therapy has greatly increased. Physical therapy is crucial in solving many illnesses.

That’s why a physical service is a necessary attribute that is vitally important in the process of treatment and rehabilitation.

The Day Hospital Department is engaged in treating such illnesses as: respiratory, nervous and locomotive systems disorders.

The Hospital Needs

In June 2011 the Berdyansk Hospital is going to celebrate its 60th anniversary! Our medical staff has got a big birthday dream of restoring the Children’s Recreation Center in the place of the former swimming pool at the Child Health Care Center. Although we’re ready to work at weekends and donate our one day salaries, we cannot manage this project without your support!

Besides, the hospital urgently needs such equipment:

1. Pulse oximeter and capnography device for the Children’s Intensive Care Unit.

2. Slit lamp and synoptohore for the Vision care room of the Children’s department. These devices can carry out a thorough examination of such vision problems as strabismus. What’s more, these devices can be used for the orthopedic eye exercises.

3. Children’s functional beds.

4. Mobile X-Ray equipment such as “Arman” for the Children’s Department and the Maternity Home.

5. X-Ray for the Child Health Care Center.

6. Endoscopic equipment for little patients (Fibre gastroduodenoscope and bronchoscope devices).

7. Syringe with dose metering device (infusion pump) for the Maternity Home, the Maternity Home Intensive Care Unit and the Children’s Hospital. One infusion pump costs around 1,350$.

8. Training equipment for Kinesitherapy in the Therapeutic Physical Training Room of the Child Health Care Center.

9. Hysteroscope for diagnosis of gynecological diseases.

10. Fetal monitor – for defining the fetal condition during labor.

Contact information

The Berdyansk Municipal Children’s Hospital and Maternity Home


Postal code 71118

Prospekt Truda, 6


Zaporizhia region


Tel.: +38 (06153) 3-40-75, fax +38 (06153) 3-44-54

e-mail: bgdb [at]

e-mail: bgdp [at]

Hospital Director: Kotlyar Iryna Anatolyevna

The Ways to Donate

Before making your donation to the Berdyansk Children’s Hospital we recommend you to get in touch with the hospital management (department manager or chief physician) and with the members of the “Happy Child” Charity Foundation.

You can transfer your donation to the settlement account of the hospital:

The Berdyansk Children’s Hospital


МФО 334011

ДОФ АКБ «Укрсоцбанк»

КОД ЄДРПО 05498803

You can also transfer your donation to the bank account of “The Happy Child” Charity Foundation (the payment purpose: the charity donation for the Berdyansk Children’s Hospital) or purchase the necessary medical equipment and deliver it to the Berdyansk Children’s Hospital.

You can help by using convenient ways of donation (PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union, Webmoney, etc.)

For further information contact the volunteers of the Happy Child Foundation

Happy Child foundation - effective help to the most needy children of the Zaporozhye region, Ukraine, since 2004

They need help:

You donated in 2020

$ 310 474

Our expenses in 2020
To 174 sick children $183 471
Medical equipment: $4 825
To orphanages for disabled children: $33 830
To children's village: $16 521
To orphans and poor children: $7 794
"Helpus" - help to adults: $8 535
Service expenses: $31 908
Total sum of expenses: $296 457

$4 886 607

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