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Berdyansk Territorial Medical Association

February 21, 2011, 18:00 7826 Author: Irina Kotliar deti.zp.ua BTMO has more than half a century of history. At the same time, for more than 70 years, the Berdyansk hospital has been known for providing medical and preventive care and medical services to residents of Berdyansk. In particular, women and children under 18 years of age.

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General Hospital information

The history of the "Berdyansk Territorial Medical Association (BTMO)" dates back to the distant 1862 It all began with 12 beds for patients, one doctor and one paramedic. By 1912, the hospital had turned into a medical institution with 250 beds, where 40 doctors provided medical care to residents of the city.

Today BTMO is a modern multidisciplinary medical institution with 560 beds. There are 24 clinical departments, two polyclinics for the provision of specialized outpatient care for adults and children. The hospital employs highly qualified specialists in all branches of medicine, this is the main distinction and pride of the hospital.

The hospital has at its disposal all the necessary forces and means to provide high-quality medical care to children and adults in difficult conditions.

Thanks to the care of the regional state administration, the mayor and the deputy corps, as well as the help of patrons and sponsors, BTMO has received new equipment in the intensive care units of the maternity hospital and children's hospital, diagnostic complexes, and medical devices. The material and technical support of the hospital departments and services is constantly being improved, the conditions for the stay of patients and the work of employees have improved.

We thank everyone who is not indifferent to our problems and provides us with sponsorship and charitable assistance. We will not survive today without your support!

The main goals of the medical activity of the enterprise:

- providing the population of Berdyansk (women and children under 18) with treatment and prophylactic care and medical services in accordance with the requirements of the relevant regulatory legal acts aimed at maintaining, improving and restoring health; - provision of medical care for women and children of Berdyansk by providing qualified emergency and planned inpatient care, outpatient clinic, surgical, diagnostic, pediatric, and therapeutic care.

The Hospital structure

Children's Hospital:

Polyclinic specialists:

• Infectionist

• Ophthalmologist

• Pulmonologist Allergist

• Dermatologist

• Neurologist

• Cardioreheumatologist

• Endocrinologist

• Orthopedist-Traumatologist

• Otolaryngologist

• Surgeon

• Physician of functional diagnostics

The children's polyclinic has an office of medical and social assistance to children and youth "Clinic friendly to youth". In addition to the work of pediatricians and specialized specialists, the clinic provides adolescents with the opportunity to receive anonymous advice from a psychologist, gynecologist, and lawyer.

The children's polyclinic carries out complex measures aimed at the treatment and prevention of various diseases. In the complex of medical and recreational activities, the leading place is occupied by non-drug treatment:

1) Aromatherapy – treatment based on biological essential oils. The selection of various herbal compositions gives patients a relaxing or stimulating effect. A variety and a broad-spectrum of influence will satisfy any need.

2) Singlet oxygen therapy – has a positive effect on the immune system and thus, improves the functions of all organ systems. This therapy is applied to the treatment of many illnesses and as well as to preventive and health improving measures.

3) There is an artificial climate room in the physiotherapy department. The special equipment reproduces the microclimate of Solotvino salt mines. This salt therapy treats nonspecific respiratory conditions and ear, nose, throat disorders. And what’s more, it helps patients decrease allergic reactions and active the immune system.

4) The treatment and rehabilitation of the locomotive system disorders. Evminov's prophylactor method helps prevent and get rid of spinal diseases such as posture disorders and habit scoliosis.

5) Massage services.

6) Stay in superior rooms.

7) Ultrasound diagnostics on a high-class multifunctional apparatus.


- abdominal organs;

- genitourinary system;

- all terms of pregnancy;

- gynecological diseases;

- breast;

- thyroid gland.

8) Consultation with a doctor.

9) Stroller.

10) Cosmetologist services:

- removal of warts, papillomas;

- removal of blackheads;

- removal of contagious baby;

- piercing.

Children's hospital:

• Admission department

• Pediatric department

• Anesthesiology department of the children's hospital

• Surgical department of the children's hospital

• Day hospital

The day hospital department was created to provide medical and preventive care to children of different age groups in an outpatient clinic, as well as to carry out preventive, medical and rehabilitation measures for disabled children and children registered with dispensaries. The day hospital department is located on the 3rd floor of the children's hospital and has 40 beds.

Here, therapeutic and prophylactic measures are carried out in case of acute diseases or exacerbation of chronic diseases in the absence of indications for round-the-clock medicinal vision.Dolikovvannya patients and their rehabilitation in the stage of regression of exacerbation of the disease, incomplete remission, in the postoperative period, after discharge from a round-the-clock hospital.

If necessary (deterioration of the condition, lack of positive dynamics), the sick child is subject to hospitalization in a specialized department of a round-the-clock stay in agreement with the head.

In the general structure of diseases that receive attention in the day hospital, diseases of the respiratory system, nervous system, and musculoskeletal system prevail. In this case, the leading place is occupied by non-drug treatment. Physiotherapy treatment, in order to expand the range of treatment, the department is equipped with a cabin for a circular and rain shower.

The department has all the conditions for treatment:

- Offices of speleotherapy and aromatherapy;

- Cabinet of artificial microclimate using the device "ionic"

- Acupuncture using a Lyapko roller;

- Singlet oxygen therapy using oxygen in the form of inhalation;

- Thermal therapy using ozokerite, which is mined in the Carpathian mountains;

- The source of minerals and trace elements is bischofite and peloid, which are used in the form of electrophoresis and applications;

- The leading physical factor is the treatment of peier therapy using the Bioptron apparatus;

- Bioresonance therapy - apparatus BRS-2 M allows you to use the biorhythmological properties of the body to obtain a fundamentally new self-oscillating mode, which leads to the activation of the tissue's own biorhythm

- Cozy massage rooms and exercise therapy hall, equipped with Evminov's dispensary.

- A recreation room with a karaoke system, a video display system for programs about health and hardening of the child's body.

Maternity hospital:

• Gynecological department

• Women's consultation

• Maternity ward

• Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care of the Maternity Hospital

• Department of pathology of pregnant women

• Department of neonatal care

The main task of the department of anesthesiology and intensive care of the maternity hospital is to provide timely and effective specialized anesthetic and resuscitation care for pregnant women, women in labor, postpartum women and gynecological patients due to diseases, surgical interventions, pathological course of pregnancy and childbirth. Conducting general and regional anesthesia during operations, childbirth, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. After the Caesarean section, next to the operated woman, one of the relatives has the opportunity to take care of the non-women. Viddylennya is designed for 6 beds.

The Neonatal Newborn Care Unit treats more than 1,300 newborns annually. During the year, about 2% (26 newborns) go through the ICU. The neonatal care unit has an intensive care unit with 3 beds and is equipped with modern equipment.

The Day Hospital Department is engaged in treating such illnesses as: respiratory, nervous and locomotive systems disorders.

The Hospital Needs

Medical workers of the Berdyansk Territorial Medical Association, thank everyone who in this difficult time finds opportunities and tries to help. However, difficult situations are used for their own purposes by various fraudsters, have intensified in the last hour. So, if you want the opportunity to help the hospital, do it this way, as indicated under this heading to be sure that your efforts are not in vain.

Remember: doctors are ready to help you in any situation! We hope for reciprocity. Your help is very necessary and important for all residents of Berdyansk.

Berdyansk Territorial Medical Association (BTMO)

Address: Ukraine, Postal code 71118, Zaporizhia region, city Berdyansk, Prospekt Truda, 6

Director of BTMO: Egorov Dmitry Vladimirovich

Telephone: Reception director: +38 (06153) 33769 (Mon - Fri 8:00 - 16:30)

Fax: +38 (06153) 34454 - around the clock

E-mail: berd_tmo@ukr.net (only for medical document management)

Hospital official website: btmo.com.ua


Before making your donation to the Berdyansk Children’s Hospital we recommend you to get in touch with the hospital management (department manager or chief physician) and with the members of the “Happy Child” Charity Foundation.

Donations Collected Report

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