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Save a child: Polonikov Ruslan, 4 years old - leucaemia (cancer of blood)

September 30, 2006, 0:00 5654 Author: Albert Pavlov, Zaporozhye, Ukraine Zaporozhye orphanages website Ruslan has ended the basic stage of leucaemia treatment - now he receives supporting therapy

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Yulia Polonikova from Berdiansk, Ukraine, has three wonderful children - Kirill, Vitia and Ruslan. Kirill is only 4 months old, his brother Vitia is 1,5 years and Yulia's eldest, Ruslan, will be 4 years old in October. By an unfortunate coincidence, all boys are patients at the Zaporozhye State Hospital for Children.

About a month ago, Ruslan's lymph nodes appeared to be swollen. Later performed blood test revealed the terrifying truth. Ruslan's platelets were 12, whilst his haemoglobin was just 36. The doctors stared in disbelief. Immediately, Ruslan was send to the Intensive Care Unit were he was given a diagnosis- Acute Lymphoblastic Leucosis. In other words, cancer.

As of today, Ruslan has begun his first part of the treatment, but he is not the only one in the family in need of medical attention.

Following a thorough examination of Vitia, Yulia's middle child, severe Iron-bearing Anaemia was found. Moreover, 4 months old Kirill is suffering from bronchitis as well as carditis.

Despite all of these troubles, Yulia is optimistic and does everything in her power to help her babies. She is there attending to their every need.

Yulia's husband, a fisherman in Berdiansk, is also determined to give his children a fighting chance. All of the money he currently earns are spend on Kirill, Vitia and Ruslan's treatments. Friends and family offer their help as well.

Nevertheless, despite great efforts of the above-mentioned parties, Polonikovs' family financial and other assets are coming to an end. As of today, they sold everything worth selling.

They do not mind losing the material things, however. It is a thought of losing a loved one that terrifies them.

Without appropriate funds the treatment will be withdrawn, thus it is only with the help of kind-hearted people like yourself it can be possible to treat and subsequently cure these children.

Unfortunately, the Welfare State is not as developed in Ukraine as it is in majority of countries around the world. At the moment, Zaporozhye State Hospital is only providing two things - drips equipment and syringes. Patient's families must fund everything else, including medical solutions for the drips, chemotherapy and other expensive medication.

In order to continue Ruslan's chemotherapy, there is a pressing need for 8 bottles of L-Asparaginase (about $70 per bottle) or 2 bottles of ONKASPAR. Help is also needed to provide for children's proper nutrition

Any financial help as well as a donation of above-mentioned medications would be greatly appreciated.

Please help Ruslan and his family to concur the disease,

Thank you in advance!

Those willing to help may contact Yulia Polonikova by telephone: +3 8 095 7426006

You may also speak to Ruslan and Vitia's doctors by calling: + 3 8 061 222 21 50 (Zaporozhye State Hospital for Children, 5th floor, the Oncology ward)

Zaporozhye State Hospital for Children is located at: 70 Lenin's Avenue, Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

The Polonikov's family address: Zaporozhye District, Berdiansk City, 109a Novorossijskaja street, Ukraine

You may send your donations using the following method(s):

Bank Transfer in US dollars only:

Beneficiary: Polonikova Yulia

Account: 6762462013952061

Bank of beneficiary: Privatbank, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Swift code:PBANUA2X



Please indicate the purpose of the transaction: To Yulia Polonikova for the medical treatment of Ruslan Polonikov

How to donate money to this child

Albert Pavlov, a volunteer from the "HappyChild" organization has assigned himself to help the family. You can contact Mr.Pavlov (speaks English) by calling +3 8 (066) 513 34 35, or email: detizp@mail.ru

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