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August 28, 2008, 8:00 8452 Author: Inna Grigorjeva, Zaporozhye, Ukraine www.deti.zp.ua We say the words of gratitude to all people from different countries who supported Veronica and her mother Anna in their fight with tumor

Veronica with her mother

With a huge gratitude we say the words of thankful to all people from different countries (USA, Russia, Canada, Ukraine) who supported Veronica and her mother Anna in their fight with tumor. We thank all who sent them money, who helped them with food and medicines in the foreign country, who were praying for them all those days. We also thank the doctors who take the girl to their hospital and do not refuse to treat her in spite of her very difficult case.

Thanks to many understanding people the necessary sum of money (about 12 thousand dollars) was collected. This sum allowed Anna to pay for the being in the hospital ward, the course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the very expensive medicines, droppers, CT-examinations, analysis, tickets on train and so on... During these difficult days Anna didn't move from her daughter, as she was very feeble and helpless. Anna slept on the chairs near Veronica's bed because there was not free place for her in the ward.

Veronica spent a month in Moscow Scientific Centre of Radiology, where she has received combined course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She needed this course to prevent her brain tumor growing. After these courses had finished Veronica passed all necessary examinations, MR-Tomography that showed her tumor stopped its growth to the nearest tissues.

As the preliminary course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy has finished and there is the confirmation that tumor doesn’t grow, it must be operated very quickly not to be growth again. To do the operation in Moscow they should have been waiting for several weeks as there is a great line for such kind of operations there.

So they came back to Kiev with hope that Ukrainian doctors can do this operation in time. Now they are preparing for the operation in Kiev Institute of Neurosurgery and after it Veronica needs another course of chemotherapy.

The struggle with tumor continues.

Let's support Veronica and Anna in their further fight with disease!

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