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A holiday marathon for ill children

November 3, 2009, 12:00 4539 Author: Elena Bochkovskaya, translated by Tatiana Bychak www.deti.zp.ua On Friday, September 18, children, treated in Traumatology and Haematology Departments of Zaporozhsky Regional Hospital, got the most effective medicine – fun and smiles. They were visited by unusual guests ... pirates, an Indian dancer, a singer and a young gymnast!

On Friday, September 18, children, treated in Traumatology and Haematology Departments of Zaporozhye Regional Children's Hospital Zaporozhsky Regional Children’s Hospital, got the most effective medicine – fun and smiles. They were visited by ... pirates, an Indian dancer, a singer and a young gymnast!

Such creative troupe was organized by our fund under the "auspices" and on the means of an American volunteer Vesa Peterson, who has been donating money for holidays in the hospital during last several years.

The whole fairy tale - read on :-)

Anyone who as a child was in a hospital (especially in a old-fashioned and poorly equipped department), surely remembers the long and boring hours of staying in a ward, waiting for your relatives and friends to come.

And now imagine for a single moment: an ordinary day in a hospital… you, with a broken hand/leg, came to your ward after procedures, and suddenly ... real pirates burst into your room!! - in waistcoats, cocked hats, with the scars on their faces and brave whistle - and call you on a HOLIDAY! A real merry holiday with gifts and contests.

With sincere and unbelievable emotions, children from the Orthopedy and Traumatology department of the Regional Children's Hospital met the real holiday, organized by "Happy Child".

In the forenoon, little patients together with the parents that timely visited their children, and health workers gathered in a scantily lit hall of the Traumatology Department. A cheerful couple of girls who could not walk because of injuries, were rolled out of the ward in the wheelchairs. Later, children and nurses admitted that unexpectedness made the holiday bright and unforgettable.

We saw a genuine interest and involvement in the eyes of kids and adults, when they watched the show of pirates Captain and Sea cadet, a dancer Nadezhda dressed as an Indian princess, a young singer Narmina and a 7-year-old gymnast Vika with a fantastic plasticity performance.

Each performance was finished by a storm of applause and different tricks and jokes of funny “sea guests” were accompanied by cheerful children’s laugh and adults smiles. Surely, we didn’t forget about gifts! Except for presents, each small patient received a drawing set and sweets for participation in the contests.

The important goal of our holiday - was the supply of a good mood and sincere wishes of health and good luck from us and from distant America! After all, the holiday took place thanks to our American volunteer and sponsor - Ves Peterson. He organized a charity sale of computer equipment in his town, and sent us all collected money to hold celebrations for ill kids! The donations for ill children of Zaporozhye were also made by Leslie Reinhold and Fairchild Semiconductor from Utah, USA.

But it wasn’t the end of our festive marathon. After Traumatology Department, our artistic troupe, equipped with balloons, gifts and a new supply of joy, visited children treated in Hematology Department.

It seemed that we faced an uneasy task – how to make fun with such diagnoses? No worries!! Ironically, these children were even more sociable, participated in all contests, guessed the riddles, and joined the "pirate command" - the Captain and the Sea cadet.

Funny and kind pirates - Yana and Artem

An Indian Princess Nadezhda Dmitrenko

A singer Narmina Mamishova

When a gymnast Vika – a peer of some children - once again showed her plasticity performance, many spectators watched it open-mouthed with their eyes full of admiration. Kids clapped loudly and actively, some of them danced in the chairs, laughed, tossed up colour balls – in a word, enjoyed the life! So, we succeeded and made their treatment a bit easier, more cheerful and encouraging.

A gymnast Vika

We are VERY GRATEFUL to those who generously donated joy and fun to ill children:

- animators Yana and Artem (young pirates: the Captain and the Sea cadet);

- Indian dancer Nadia Dmitrenko;

- a young singer Narmina Mamishova;

- and a little, but very talented, gymnast Vika from Shevchenkovsky Center for Children and Youth Arts :-)!

P.S. By the way, these two holidays are not the last. The Foundation "Happy child" together with its friends will continue the festive marathon at the departments of children's hospitals!

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