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Anastasia Ocheretko, born in 2002 - Hemorrhagic stroke, cerebral artery aneurism

December 26, 2011, 18:30 5779 Author: Inna Grigoryeva, translated by Daria Sukach www.deti.zp.ua The fund-raising campaign is closed Anastasia has finally undergone her surgery successfully! She currently doesn't need your financial support! Thank you very much!

Anastasia Ocheretko, born on the 15th of October 2002

Diagnosis: hemorrhagic stroke, intracerebral hematoma in the middle and basal parts of the temporal lobe, and multiple aneurysm of the posterior cerebral artery

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ATTENTION: (20.01.2012) Anastasia has finally undergone her surgery successfully! She currently doesn't need your financial support! Thank you very much!


When we hear the word “stroke” we usually imagine elderly people. And it’s hardly imaginable that “stroke” can be applied to a nine-year-old girl…

Anastasia had frequent headaches, attended with nausea. The girl’s grandparents (who also serve as parents for her and her younger sister) took their granddaughter to the doctor. She was diagnosed with disbacteriosis and was recommended to undergo a course of treatment. But a month later upon returning home from her friend’s birthday party, Anastasia started to vomit badly and then lost consciousness. The doctors at the local hospital where Anastasia was taken suspected simple food poisoning. However, the girl’s condition turned out to be critical, so she was rushed to the intensive care unit of the Regional Zaporizhzhya Children’s Hospital.

By the time Anastasia regained consciousness the doctors had discovered the reason for her alarming symptoms: intracerebral hematomas or, in other words, bleeding within the brain. Then the girl was sent to the Neurosurgery Institute in Kyiv for additional examination and consultation. According to the examination, intracerebral hematoma was caused by multiple aneurysm of the cerebral artery. An aneurysm is an evagination of the artery wall, a little bag with very thin and fragile walls. Just a single fall in pressure on the vessel or the smallest push can cause a breach of the aneurysm’s walls and, thus, a new bleeding. The neurosurgeons say that Anastasia lives with “bombs” in her brain and “the mine clearing” surgery should take place as soon as possible! But the girl’s grandma and guardian did not have 2,487 US dollars for this vitally important surgery! That’s why Anastasia and her grandmother had to come back home to search for money…

Anastasia with her younger sister and grandmother

The greatest issue is where to find money. The entire family budget was spent within the first days of treatment. Even Anastasia’s village and school assisted financially with her trip to Kyiv. This ordinary family from Veseloye village doesn’t have any idea from where else they can get the money. Thanks to local social workers (who are always in touch with foster families and therefore are familiar with difficult situations like the one facing the Ocheretkos), our charity foundation found out about Anastasia. So, we have started a fundraising campaign.

The neurosurgeons from Kyiv know that the brain surgery in Anastasia’s case will be rather complicated: they will have to find this deformed vessel and, with the help of special clips, block the blood stream into the aneurysm without disturbing the brain blood supply or damaging the brain itself.

Anastasia’s Grandmother Anna, who has been caring for her little granddaughters since their birth, is anxious about the coming surgery. She says sadly, “I don’t understand how it could happen to her. Anastasia is very calm and domestic. She studies well at school and is very fond of reading. My granddaughter is very hardworking and diligent. She has never fallen down and hit her head. She was always deprived of her parents’ love and now she has to face such an ordeal. If the surgery goes wrong, what shall we do?”.

We can only pray to God that the surgery goes successfully. Fortunately, our kind donor Vladimir will cover the entire cost of the surgery but Anastasia will likely need more money for her further treatment.

We’re asking you, our kind donors, to help us support Anastasia!

We’re appealing to all of you, our big-hearted donors to prevent Anastasia from her not childish risk of stroke!

Anastasia with her sister

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The family lives in Veseloye village in the Zaporizhzhya region.

The telephone number of Anastasia’s grandmother Ocheretko Anna: +38 067 28 99 769

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