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Zaporozhye Regional Children's Psychological - neurological Sanitarium

January 25, 2012, 14:00 7013 Author: Alexander Baglay, translated by Valentina Likhodid www.deti.zp.ua About 70 children from Zaporizhzhya and the Zaporizhzhyan region spend their holidays and recover during the year in the mental health facility

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The Zaporizhzhya Regional Children Psychological -neurological sanitarium is a specialized mental health care facility that provides children with gradual therapy and rehabilitation that is connected with the educational process.

The institution’s main goal is taking care of children’s mental health because it is in childhood when the foundation of future personality, a person’s achievements, and social productivity is laid.

The children with such systemic neurosis as enuresis, stuttering, neurasthenia, and tics are treated in the specialized health care facility. Such consequences of organic defects of the central nervous system as post-traumatic genesis, conditions after brain concussion, cranium-cerebral traumas with the shaken baby syndrome, and mental deficiency (slight degree) are treated there.

The facility provides effective treatment for all the children from the Zaporizhzhya region, including orphans.

Today the mental health facility is the only institution of such type in the region.

The sanitarium has 70 beds and accepts for treatment children from 6 to 16. The institution works round the clock. It is situated in an ex-nursery building but it has all necessary premises; it is well equipped but of course, there are not enough decoration, sports equipment, toys and games.

There are physiotherapy, massage and recovery sports rooms. Children go to the swimming pool “Slavutich. They also visit the botanical garden twice a week, there they have some rest and also labor therapy. Children visit the museums of the city as well.

Treatment usually lasts for 2 months during which a child constantly stays in the sanitarium. Most of the little patients return for repeated treatment.

Treatment and education are successfully combined in this institution. The children have an individual schedule according to the school program. The medical requirements include 35 minute lessons. The children study in two shifts – 3 lessons in the morning and 3 lessons in the afternoon. The staff tries not only to teach and treat the kids but to entertain them as much as possible. There is a piano, a TV set and a lot of space for dancing in the conference hall.

The institution impresses with its cleanliness and good attitude of the personnel. Everything is very modest and cozy.

The sanitarium needs:

According to Solodnikova Natalya Mikhaylovna – the head of pedagogical department – the main needs are:

* Sports equipment (especially racquets and balls for ping-pong)

* Stationery

* Development games

* Books for children, encyclopedias

* Football and basketball balls – the children go to the stadium regularly

* Soft toys (for birthdays)

* Shoes, clothes (mostly for the children from orphanages)

How to help

If you want to help this children’s mental health center, you can transfer your donation to the bank account of “Happy Child” charity foundation (it’s necessary to indicate details of payment – “charitable donation for Zaporozhye Regional Children's Psychological - neurological Sanitarium”). You can also buy the required things and to pass them to the resort staff (first contact the administration).


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For more details you can contact the staff of the “Happy child” charity foundation.

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